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Avengers Endgame: Robert Downey Jr. tease the death of Iron Man and Captain America?

This is not good news for your favorite superheroes!
We tell you this clearly, we will have to prepare ourselves all mentally before going to see Avengers Endgame. Firstly because there may be some losses in the ranks of the Avengers, secondly because there is a high probability that these losses are for Captain America and / or Iron Man. So, understand us, we do not want any of us to die. Absolutely not. But the omens are against us. Already, Chris Evans has shared a letter of goodbye to his epic character, since he will no longer wear his suit in the colors of America, nor his shield. For the actor, the MCU is definitely over, he announced it himself. And knowing his taste for sacrifice and his sense of honor, you can bet he will give his life to save one of his comrades.

The problem is that many theories also rely on the disappearance of Iron Man. The death of Tony Stark would be a rallying symbol for the Avengers and the new superheroes who will join them. So, of course, he’ll be able to get back to Earth with Nebula and will probably be reconciled with Captain America, but it may also be the end of the tunnel for Robert Downey Jr., whose contract is also over. The latter has just teased his friend on Twitter with a picture of Captain America and Iron Man action figures wiping shots under the shield. His caption: “Best friends share their umbrella, do not they, Chris Evans?” After their quarrel in Civil War, the two superheroes would mark the world by sacrificing themselves together and many already see this tweet as an ominous omen, subtly announcing that they will die in much the same way while trying to save others. But in this case, if Steve would join Peggy in the afterlife, Tony would leave behind Pepper and his unborn child, which would be even more devastating. Hope this is not the case. What do you think ?

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