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The Batman: Start shooting date, rumor about the time of the plot … Everything we already know about the movie

Matt Reeves already has his idea of the shooting start date, and the plot may well be going on for a fashionable decade right now.
Lately, Armie Hammer has reportedly been negotiating for the role of Bat Man in The Batman. Robert Pattinson and Kit Harington were also at the heart of rumors … If none of these famous actors has been confirmed in the suit of the vigilante, we know that Matt Reeves would be looking for a player from 15 to 20 years younger than Ben Affleck to embody the superhero. The latter is 46, which indicates that the cast focuses on a comedian between 25 and 30 years. Hollywood has no shortage of choice for this age group! While waiting to have (quickly) news about the first role of the film, we know more about the shooting and the period to which the plot will be located.


The director has already provided a window for the start of shooting. Matt Reeves has indeed replied to a Twitter user that he intended to start filming The Batman “around the end of the year.” November or December 2019 should therefore correspond to the start clap of reboot production on Gotham’s vigilante. The release of the feature film is scheduled for June 2021, it seems a wise date to initiate the shooting, DC Comics films produced by the Warner Bros. being known for their numerous reshoots. We are never too careful!


According to Discussing Film, the plot of The Batman could be in the 90’s. A very fashionable decade, as we saw with the recent Captain Marvel! The vigilante will try to solve a mystery that will confront him to his detective skills. While Matt Reeves is currently finishing writing the script of his feature film, we already know that his version will present to the public a very young Bruce Wayne. However, it is not yet known what link the film will have with the pre-established DCEU.

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