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Star Wars 9: All that we already know about the Knights of Ren, according to rumors

Ren’s Knights should make their official appearance in the latest installment of the new trilogy .. We take stock of the rumors.

Behind Ben, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, hides a threat as secretive as it is dangerous: the Knights of Ren. These warriors, seen in The Awakening of the Force behind their master, caused a sensation among the fans. Their identity, their origin, their personal motivations, all this remains very vague for the public. While the release of episode 9, directed by J. Abrams, gets closer and closer, it seems that this powerful group will be an integral part of the story closing the trilogy. Rumors are rife about them .. So, we have identified the ones that we thought were the most important. And who knows, maybe they will even integrate one of the directions that the saga could take after Star Wars 9!

We know that these warriors belong to the dark side of the Force, but how and why they met mysterious remains. Who is behind these dark masks? If we believe the rumors, these men and/or women will be major antagonists of episode 9, and writers will be forced to reveal their origin. Maybe even they will remove the helmet that hides their face to the public ..



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