Agents of SHIELD S6: the VOST trailer with a big surprise

Agents of SHIELD season 6: SPOILER alive and present in a first video of the sequel!

Season 6 of Agents of SHIELD is supposed to take place without SPOILER, but its presence in a promo video puts everything in question …
It will be necessary to take our bad patience before being able to discover the season 6 of Agents of SHIELD, which will be diffused only this summer on ABC. Yet the teasing has already begun with, as you can see above, a first promo video that contains unpublished images of future episodes. Season 5 marked a turning point for SHIELD agents, who lost their leader Phil Coulson. Mack is the head of the organization and needs to do his best to lead the team. Yet the end of the promo video shows a beautiful and alive Phil Coulson and sows doubt …

In spite of May’s words and the text of Agents of SHIELD Season 6 promo video that Coulson is dead, one wonders if the show does not reserve for us one of the twists of which it has the secret . Obviously it could be a flashback, an alternate reality or an artificial intelligence with the appearance of Coulson. It may even be related to Avengers and Thanos. In any case, we know that Clark Gregg will appear in the new season – not just in the form of a hologram – and we can not wait to see that. The trailer also reveals more and more new threats and more space adventures. Patience, still a few months to wait before discovering all that.

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