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Avengers: Endgame: The original Avengers united and the first returns

Avengers … Assemble
Knowing that there are only 75 days left (!!) before its release, we are talking about more and more Avengers: Endgame. It started with the spot for the Super Bowl at the beginning of the week and we go on with …

Three hours of film and no one is going to piss
Right now, the new Marvel Studios movie is coming full circle. In particular, at the assembly level. The Russo brothers shared some information at the Collider site about their progress.
I think the studio knows what’s the best story to tell. For the moment, we think the film is working well and our test audience has given excellent answers. We feel very comfortable. We are still working on it. We are not finished. Once again, it’s a film that is the culmination of 22 films, it’s a lot to tell. Emotion is an intrinsic part of that for us. When you have to tell a really complicated story and you want to live emotional moments with the characters, you only need a certain amount of elements. This one, in particular, seems to have three hours of elements.
Three hours of film? We would then add twenty minutes to the total duration of Avengers: Infinity War. He was already the longest film of the MCU. Anthony Russo will even add a little humor:
We have already shown the film four times to the public. For the first three screenings, not one person got up to go to the bathroom.
And the fourth then? Personally, it makes sense to me. If the duration is confirmed, it is sure that I do not drink water for at least three or four hours (I was going to say days, but still have to be in condition) before the session!
A first promotional image from an American distributor of … popcorn
This promotional image allows knowing a little more in addition to the videos presented so far. It sounds official because it comes from a competition of the American pop brand Orville Redenbacher. In addition, it coincides with the concept of arts that have leaked. We can admire the costumes.
If for Thor, Iron Man and Captain America, there is no surprise because few changes (just the scales for Capon is no longer very far from perfection). At the same time, their costumes are already so beautiful! Just like for Hawkeye / Ronin as the preview in the trailer.

This is the surprise about Black Widow. But what’s going on with her hair? Is it the color that disappears little by little because it is no longer fugitive? The effect is pretty cool. Then stay my favorite: Hulk. A jade giant was less beastly than usual. Between the Bruce Banner and the classic Hulk, all in a stylish outfit. Did it take time for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to live together?

In short, it makes a small pinch to the heart when we say that this is the last time we will see these six together.

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