Box office evolution for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

blank - Box office evolution for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

THE’Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel cinematic universe in original version) now has a long history behind it. For fun, I made a graph (interactive in addition, excuse a little) following the evolution of its box office (the world one and that of entries in France) and its budgets. From the first film (Iron man in 2008) until the latest.

For information, sometimes the budget is not precise and remains a tranche. In these cases, I cut the pear in half between the minimum and the maximum. For example, Captain Marvel has an estimated budget of $ 152-175 million. From then on, I put 163.5 million.
Another detail, inflation is not taken into account.

Last update (July 19, 2017)

American box office

Huge drop for the second week on American soil for Black widow. -67.3% to be precise, with $ 26.3 million for a total of 132 million. Marvel Studios movie lost its top spot to Space Jam – New Era (31.7 million).

The cause ? Probably, hacking. One of the big weak points of the new model desired by Disney + relying on sharing between theaters and its streaming service. Indeed, the Torrent Freak site reported that Black Widow was the most pirated movie. Much more than Wonder Woman 1984.

In addition, we have no new sales figures on Disney +. Note an interesting article from Deadline which taught me that contrary to popular belief, Disney does not get 100% of sales on its platform, but has to share up to 15% with platform providers like Amazon Firestick or AppleTV +.

International box office

Outside American soil, we arrive at $ 119,038,759. China is sorely lacking.

French box office

Excellent first week for Black Widow in France with 909,000 entries in 607 theaters. It’s the best first week of the year.

Total Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Budget (in $)Box office (in $)Entries in France
Phase 11,000,000,0003,811,244,48412 919 407
Phase 21,090,000,0005,271,691,20917 149 847
Phase 32,386,000,00013 441 609 09737 237 802
Phase 4175,000,000251 051 430909,000
Total4,651,000,00022 775 596 22068 216 056

What do you think?

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