Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Episode 1 “A New Order”

blank - Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Episode 1 "A New Order"

After the game ends

Originally, Falcon and the Winter Soldier had to go out before WandaVision. This order would undoubtedly have been better suited in view of the themes of this first episode. Indeed, we are plunged into a post-Endgame while WandaVision and Far From Home were just zapping this part. In short, we are talking about six months later. We discover how the world is recovering from the return of billions of humans who passed out after the snap.

While the trailer sold us a buddy movie full of action and jokes, it was with surprise that I discovered a very serious tone, close to Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Civil War. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is clearly the heir. It’s borderline depressing, especially on poor Bucky’s side facing demons from his past.

Film split into episodes

With A new order, I really felt like I watched the first third of a movie (no wonder considering the construction of the Marvel Studios miniseries). Namely, we start with an ultra-spectacular action scene, just to hook the viewer. Then, we go through a phase where the heroes are quietly introduced to us through their daily lives before events precipitate them into the adventure.

Therefore, hard not to be frustrated at the end of the episode. It’s like daddy is stopping me from the movie when it starts to get cool to tell me it’s time to go to bed. I wasted twenty years at once.

Anyway, Falcon and the Winter Soldier I was amazed by the technical quality of the whole. Some plans are very high profile. It feels like Man of steel by Snyder with his plans “I film a meadow with the sun in the frame, all in slow motion, to have a poetic side”. FYI, the director of all the episodes of the mini-series has a CV that is as long as an arm. She made episodes for The Handmaid’s Tale, The Punisher, The Walking Dead, Power, Vikings… I stop there, we understand where I’m going. Not comedy series, what.

And now the spoilers

Well, that was for the spoiler-free part. Now I want to go further, so we attack the GAME WITH SPOILERS EVERYWHERE.

I was talking about the affair with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When you see that Falcon confronts directly Batroc, no longer on the water, but squarely in the air, hard not to see a filiation in more than a blink of an eye. In any case, it was nice to see the villain from Quebec again. It had been 7 years.

But this action scene, let’s talk about it a bit. Wow. Still, it’s ultra-spectacular. Very high Hollywood level. To my surprise, I hardly saw the digital liners. There was just one Red Wing whose inlay was a little too visible. I loved the virtuosity of the sequence and the really cool side of “I’m doing a chase with gunfight in the air”. In short, for starters, Marvel Studios could not do better.

The other two action scenes are more classic but effective. It always does something to me to have the Winter soldier in action. While the villain technique is really cool: bringing in some fanatics in order to cover the escape. Had to think about it.

Sam and Bucky’s new life

From the post- worldEndgame, we will notice the impact of the five years. I loved the visit to the banker allowing us to understand that being an Avengers does not bring anything. Even less now that Tony Stark is gone. It gives a very appreciable human and heroic side. Just like the session with the shrink. Mainly for the fun repentance sequence “told” by Bucky.

Last point that marked me, because linked to the red thread. The legacy of Captain america. No one knows what happened to Steve Rogers. We keep really weird rumors worthy of Elvis Presley. As for the shield. The cliffhanger of the episode… God damn it, they dared. Well, I knew it, but it’s always something to see these policies so quickly betray the word given to a hero.

By looking forward to finding Zemo.

What do you think?

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