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Game of Thrones season 8: 5 key moments of the decrypted trailer

The trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally here and here are 5 things you should not miss!
Phew, finally! The Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer was unveiled by HBO and will help us wait until we discover the first episode on April 14 on OCS. Even if there are only 2 minutes of video for 6 episodes that should last more than one hour each, it is not the news to remember that lack. Here are some of the important elements of the trailer that we will still watch a dozen times to wait until April …

It’s Arya Stark who opens the trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8, but this honor may not bring him luck in the last episodes. Not only in the first few seconds do you see her running away from something rather scary – possibly a White Walker? – but true to herself, Arya is also fighting alongside her comrades later in the video. And even if she’s probably better than half the kingdom, it’s hard not to fear for her life …

The Golden Company arrives

We only see them briefly, but they are there, the soldiers of the Golden Company engaged by Cersei. On ships with Greyjoy sails, the shining armored mercenaries are ready to fight for Cersei if she pays them as planned. Yet with Euron as an ally, one wonders if she should not be wary.

Jon will finally find his mother

Even if it’s a statue in the crypt of Winterfell, Jon will still visit Lyanna Stark, and he will not be alone. Daenerys joins him and this key visit should finally prove that Jon will learn his origins and know who his true parents are and maybe even his real name. Which means that Daenerys and he will also know that they are aunt and nephew respectively, a fact that may be more easily accepted by Daenerys than Jon, even if he will officially become a Targaryen himself too.

Jaime has definitely changed sides

He had taken the first step at the end of season 7 and that’s it, there is evidence that Jaime Lannister has changed sides in the trailer. It is alongside the living that he wants to fight, and it is the army of Jon, Daenerys and others that he joins. Does this mean that, as many theories have mentioned, he will end up turning his blade against his twin sister and lover? To know it will still have to wait a little over a month.

Cersei trapped

It’s quite unusual to see her in silence, yet Cersei does not say a word in the season 8 trailer. And if a foreground shows her with a satisfied smile next to Qyburn, the second time sees, a glass in his hand, his smile trembles sharply. Is it the departure of Jaime that provokes this pain? Or Cersei embarked on a war too big for her with, as it has often happened, a little too much confidence in her? And if this image showed it just before its fall, with its enemies at its doors?



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