JUPITER’S LEGACY: Twilight of Heroes

More than a real failure, this new anthology narrating the impossible advent of a new generation of superheroes reflects more the limits of a genre and the end of an era in the landscape of the contemporary blockbuster.

During a flashback, the stakes are raised: a father, overwhelmed by his functions of vigilante with inordinate powers, cannot offer an ice cream to his son, himself in the throes of the discovery of a power. which he inherits, almost against his will. It is this dedication to the “code” that will cause her failure to educate her children. Its initial takeoff could not be more emblematic of this rupture: abandoned, Brandon and Chloe will fail to impose themselves in the eyes of the world as their venerable predecessors did. Thus, this fictitious future is reminiscent of the beginning of Watchmen ofAlan moore and Dave Gibbons : the transition from a glorious era for heroes to a new generation struggling to honor their ancestors. Imbued with real darkness, the work of Moore excelled in letting gleam an underlying opposition between the initial utopia, and the apocalypse that the successors had to face. By confronting each other, the two worlds harmonized through the expression of an unbridled imagination, placed at the service of the political apologue. In JUPITER’S LEGACY, the narrative structure generates a very similar opposition, a generational shock where doubt has taken precedence over code and rigor.

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Scenarios focused on parallel universes are generally a way for their creators to offer a new vision of a fictional world that nourishes the spectator with a grandiloquent vision, a way to give free access to the unreal romantic inherent in this type of story. Here it is not, the illusion being limited to a nonchalant parade of multicolored wallpapers, a sort of watered-down amusement park but limited in the diversity of the rides on offer. The lack of visual identity harms the story and manifests a glaring lack of inventiveness. This seems to influence the story, which follows the stages of the tale sauce one by one. Disney. The uncle is in reality the main antagonist, the father an archetypal authoritarian figure marked by harshness, as for the end, this one is devoid of surprise, the son definitely rallying to the code of the older generation by renouncing his practices. . A great classic of the genre where the epic escapes the too many sequences during which the action of a TV movie unfolds, without much interest.

svg%3E - JUPITER'S LEGACY: Twilight of Heroes
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Besides these pitfalls, JUPITER’S LEGACY against his will, establishes an unequivocal observation: sanded to the core, the world of superheroes has nothing more to tell. Sheldon’s attitude attests to it throughout these 8 episodes. Behind his grave airs hides a deep resentment. Brandon is only a neophyte going through the classic rites of an initiatory story and his sister is content to imitate the very fashionable stereotype of the cool and rebellious punk in need of affection. This lack of originality is detrimental since the writing of the characters gives a glimpse during the first minutes of all the narrative flows in which the heroes rush. The multiplication of universes and powers, all provided with infinitely complex rules, cannot compensate for this admission: even by moving away from Marvel and DC, what is more, with all the goodwill in the world, it becomes difficult to conceive of a demanding and generous entertainment without betraying the expectations of the spectator. Thus, we prefer, like Sheldon, to revel in a glorious past, a luminous and bewitching era, which has not yet found a predecessor worthy of the name. For two years, alone Wandavision has succeeded in arousing enthusiasm through its daring, playing the balancing act with the use of power put at the service of a plural and overwhelming fiction.


svg%3E - JUPITER'S LEGACY: Twilight of Heroes

Original title : Jupiter’s Legacy • Creators: Steven S. DeKnight • Actors: Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Andrew Horton, Elena Kampouris • Release date : May 2021 • Duration of episodes: 45 minutes

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