Loki – Episode 1 “An Exceptional Destiny” (with spoiler)

blank - Loki - Episode 1 "An Exceptional Destiny" (with spoiler)

What an introduction. Yet for his comeback after a death noted in Avengers: Infinity War and above all an even more noticed escape in Avengers: Endgame, we can say that the god of mischief was expected at the turn.

So what’s your excuse?

To the stand, I call the witness Mr. Justification.

The court: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Mr Justification: Yes, I swear it.

After watching the trial, I can say that Marvel Studios, via the writer and showrunner coming straight from Rick and morty, Michael waldron, succeeded in answering THE question: who of the directors and screenwriters were right? The scales have tipped for the latter. Yes, Steve Rogers did come back with Peggy Carter in the main timeline. Or as they say: the Eternal Temporal Flux.

By the way, I love the video explaining how VAT works (Tribunal of Anachronistic Variations) as a short film broadcast in the tail of an amusement park. We even get the old school look a little cheesy but cute. Above all, it has the merit of exposing the issues of the series Loki in a way that could not be clearer. Yet these multiverse stories are never easy to grasp. In short, the mess ofAvengers: Endgame is now stored via the simple and clear replica: “What they did was planned. “.

Note that the multiverse is now a reality, even if the TVA controls the Eternal Temporal Flux. Ok, the mastery is not complete because there is still this famous Loki to stop, but given the future of the MCU, I have a feeling that things are not going to go very well. Special mention to the introduction of the villainous Loki, badass as it should.

Retro-futuristic look

My big crush on the episode is clearly the discovery of TVA. I love the retro-futuristic style. It reminded me of video games BioShock, sublimated by this pinch of Brazil for the wacky administration side. The scene where Loki goes through the various stages of admission is particularly funny (“It’s Asgardian leather. “). Otherwise, impossible not to mention this superb plan where you can admire the VAT in its entirety.

In short, it is unlike anything known in the MCU and it is exotic. Ultimate proof that Marvel Studios still has great stories to tell us. Also, the stakes are raised. Indeed, we discover the uselessness of the Infinity Stones, reduced to simple paperweights. I can’t think of a more hilarious way to make it clear that the stakes have grown.

What a treat also, the passage through time. The first scene where we discover Owen Wilson is awesome. Ben my boy, Aix-en-Provence + lines in French. Go get it! thanks to Midnight in Paris (2011). Nevertheless, I have a preference for the scene where Tom hiddleston discovers the death of his mother and his own doom. What a service from the actor. I released a small tear.

This scene is also great in that it allows newbies to be exposed to Loki’s true personality. In a sense, we find the Loki of the end of Thor: Ragnarok even if that remains to be proven. The most efficient psych session ever. Among the flaws, I will just point out green backgrounds that are sometimes too visible. Especially for the sequence in Mongolia. Strongly that they use the Volume.

Through happy to find the god of mischief.

What do you think?

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