Loki – Episode 4 “The Nexus” (with spoiler)

blank - Loki - Episode 4 "The Nexus" (with spoiler)

Woooooooow. I ended the episode by jumping off my couch to give the battle cry ofOwen Wilson. Impossible to do otherwise. Wait, before continuing: THERE IS A MID-GENERIC SCENE. If you missed it, go ahead, go watch it, me and the other readers, we’re waiting for you.

So, did you see, it’s not madness, this scene ?!

But wait, wait. Calms you. We will start over from the beginning. I like to do the reviews of the episodes in chronological order. It helps clean up my head a bit and God knows how messy it is. Even more after such an episode.

Against the backdrop of the apocalypse

In short, we had left Loki on an intermediate episode where Sylvie and the latter were in-depth, but especially on a cliffhanger of mentally ill. Well, the question of the mentally ill cliffhanger was quickly answered anyway. With a purpose without surprise. But I’m moving forward a bit, let’s come back to this opening scene where we discover a young Sylvie. With black hair. Proof that she is indeed a Loki until she decides to emancipate herself from her condition of God of Malice (with a small clean dye at Thor’s hairdresser in the middle of Ragnarok – it’s a Apocalypse so she can hide there).

In addition to being nice, it’s always cool to see a young version of the characters, it helps strengthen our bond. But not only, because the first stone of the intrigue around the Keepers of Time is asked. Very badass besides, sitting on their thrones while forming the Illuminati triangle.

We then find Loki and Sylvie attending the Apocalypse. There it was the second of the episode’s many surprises. Loki and Sylvie, well, there’s love (and the Nexus – which forces TVA to step in) in the air. Better, it does not even fall like a hair in the soup (thank you episode 3). Really well brought. I also take this opportunity to share my kif on the end of the world side which made my subwoofer roar.

Lost to follow-up

We still continue with a new surprise (and it is far from the last). Funny, this time though. Torture in a time loop with the lost one Lady Sif. The last we saw him was in 2015 for an episode of the series Marvel: Agents of SHIELD.

The whole heart of the episode revolves around the suspicions of the two VAT agents, Mobius and B-15. It goes up crescendo. Special mention to Gugu Mbatha-Raw, super efficient as a villain. She has always been a little weird, but now she stinks of confusion. Owen Wilson is beaming (oh, the bad pun, but we’re not there yet) as usual since his debut on the show. Note a mention of vampires in the MCU (Blade is coming). As for Wunmi mosaku, she delivers a rather moving plan during the passage where she views her memories.

Then it goes to total balls

It’s time for plenty of twists and turns. The first: the erasure of Mobius. I made the exact same face as Loki. What the hell. They could warn us. I do not know me, putting on a scary music for example. There, it’s boom. You are dead. Next. Much like Hela gets rid of Thor’s best friends in Thor: Ragnarok. In any case, it’s clear and clean: Ravonna, I hate you ! I hope you will die in excruciating pain. Small emotion when thinking back to Mobius’ last words: “I would like to do some. Jet ski. “. I don’t know where you are * put his hand in front of his heart * but I hope you are riding a jet ski on a beautiful sea under a sublime sun.

Hop, we leave our late Mobius to continue with a Ravonna who stirs the knife in the wound, declaring that she does not remember Sylvie’s Nexus. We can’t wait to do it. There are slaps that get lost. But revenge will wait, we have a face-to-face with the Keepers of Time to deal with. Class, I didn’t expect to meet them face to face in just the fourth episode. Well, they’re not particularly impressive.

Bam, another twist (predictable, on the other hand), the B-15 hunter arrives and launches hostilities leading to a duel to the death between Sylvie and this detestable Ravonna. Well, fighting is still not that much. It’s not Black widow, what, but that’s another story.

At least, the Ravonna, she takes a defeat in the face.

Cut off a head and …

I then expected to have a cosmic clash between the Guardians and the Loki, but hey presto, beheading. What? Are they that bad? Uh, what’s that electric shock? What the fuck are they just puppets ?! The sequel confirms it, but who is behind the VAT then? Kang?

Wait, what’s going on? Oh, Loki is going to make a declaration of love for us. I’m all moved there. He plays this idiot well Tom hiddleston. Especially, Sylvie’s wet eyes add a layer. Come on, conclude it… BORDEL! What is happening ? I dream where we just killed Loki there? The star of the series. It is not possible. It means that we have a passing of the torch between Tom Hiddleston and Sofia di martino ? OH NO, ALWAYS IN THE BAD STRIKES, THIS RAVONNA!

Traumatized …

The credits roll …

OH MY GOD. A MID-GENERIC SCENE. Yeah, he’s not dead. But wait who’s talking there? Loki seems really surprised too. Change of plan. Boom. My brain has burnt out. A sublime vision with three variants of Loki (or four, does he count the alligator?) Whose long awaited Richard E. Grant.

Contrary to my hypothesis, the actor does not therefore play a Keeper of Time, nor the perverse spirit behind the TVA, but a Loki… classic? There, more than ever, look forward to next week!

Through went to get a doliprane and it has nothing to do with the vaccine.

What do you think?

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