Loki – Episode 5 “Journey to Mystery”: all Easter Eggs

Journey to the mystery was a completely crazy episode. Notably for its profusion of Easter Eggs, the famous Easter Eggs that Marvel Studios loves. It was well worth an article to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. In short, after a quick overview on the net, I made a list of the best.

Journey Into Mystery

The original title of the episode refers to the comic where Thor first appeared (similar to Spider-Man in an issue ofAmazing Fantasy). If Thor appeared in issue 83 of Journey Into Mystery, Loki will arrive two issues later.


In the comics, it is about an entity having succeeded in freeing itself from the constraints of Time (this is what poses the man). In short, he reigns supreme over the Void and remains the sworn enemy of Kang the Conqueror. Worse, in Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective, Alioth destroys outright Chronopolis, the city of Kang. A detail still serving as Easter Egg seen the way Alioth tries to devour Classic Loki’s Asgard illusion.

Qeng Enterprises

In the comics, this is the name of the company to which Stark Industries sold the Avengers tower. It is also the latter that we see completely destroyed under the banner of Qeng.

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The Qeng tower (ex-Stark), on the right in the photo

For retail, Qeng Enterprises has a direct connection with Kang. We suspected it with the name 🙂

Yellowjacket’s helmet?

During the walk in the Void, one can stealthily admire a giant helmet. Looks like the one from Yellowjacket, the main enemy of the film Ant-Man (2015). At least, an alternate version that managed to grow like Ant-Man given the size of the helmet.

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Thanos helicopter

Thanos has not always farted and has a heavy liability. Or more precisely, a ridiculous means of transport that he uses in the children’s comic book, Spidey Super Stories # 39.


No, this is not a joke. There is indeed in the Marvel universe, a Thor frog. When the human Simon Walterson, touched by a curse that transformed him into a frog, seizes Frogjolnir, he becomes the mighty one Throg (the concatenation of Thor and Frog, frog in the language of Tony Stark).

For the record, the director of Loki, Kate herron, revealed that Chris Hemsworth had been recorded as Throg’s voice. Ok, it’s just a simple noise, but it is indeed a noise made by Thor.


There, it becomes more pointed because no link with the Marvel comics therefore “Help, Obi-Wiki Pedia, you are my only hope. “ :

Polybius is an urban legend born in the early 2000s, concerning a fictional arcade game from the 80s. It has served as the inspiration for several games of the same name.

The myth is that the game was created as part of a participatory psychology experiment organized by the US government in Portland in 1981. The game is said to have intense psychoactive and addictive effects. These few arcade machines accessible in public places would have been visited periodically by men in black in order to export the data of the machines to analyze these effects. Arcade machines Polybius would then have disappeared from the theaters.


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Ecto Cooler

There, we go far in the reference because it is a drink linked to the saga Ghostbusters.

Vote Loki

President Loki is a comic reference Vote Loki. As you can see, the helmet is identical.

Luke’s severed hand

Marvel Studios is crazy about this Easter Egg. Indeed, this is not the first time they have resorted to it.

USS Eldridge

Another reference outside the Marvel universe. Obi-Wiki Pedia, come back!

Thephiladelphia experience (sometimes referred to as Project Rainbow) is an alleged American military experiment that allegedly took place in the Philadelphia shipyards around October 23, 1943.

It allegedly consisted in making invisible, for a brief moment, the American destroyer USS Eldridge (DE-173). This legend has been echoed in various conspiratorial blogs and by authors specializing in the paranormal. In fact, if experiments were actually carried out at this time, it was to make buildings “invisible”, or rather undetectable, by the new mines and magnetic torpedoes.


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Oswald and the Martians

A reference to a very old cartoon (1930 anyway).

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The reference is indicated on the panel on the left


Mobius’ pizza car license plate is a reference to the cartoonist and comic book author Mark Gruenwald died in 1996. For the anecdote, the creator of the TVA, Simonson, paid homage to him by making sure that all the members of the TVA are clones of Gruenwald. In addition, the look of Owen Wilson’s Mobius is inspired by Gruenwald.

The Living Tribunal

Quite simply one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe. This destroyed statue was therefore built to worship him. Or, he thought it was cool in his living room.

The Living Tribunal is an omnipotent cosmic entity, charged with maintaining cosmic balance in all realities and dimensions of the multiverse. He is the embodiment of the Marvel multiverse. He acts as a judge of these realities, appearing only on very rare occasions, only to pass judgment, arbitrate or monitor other entities.


Helicarrier and the Dark Star

The first is the SHIELD ship. The second, one of Ronan the Accuser’s ships. From the MCU reference.

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