Loki – Episode 5 “Journey to Mystery” (with spoiler)

Journey Into Mystery

I hold it my favorite episode of Loki, the. Oh yes, there is no hesitation. The funniest thing is that I only ticked about the title when I discovered its original version on the IMDb page. If I had known before, I would have been much more prepared for the two easter eggs that sent me to the far reaches of the universe. Indeed, the original title of the episode is Journey Into Mystery. Namely the title of the comic published from June 1952. It is memorable, because it is in this comic that Thor appeared for the first time. At number 83 to be more precise. Loki will follow at number 85.

Anyway, with this information in mind, maybe I could not have been shredded by the blades of the helicopter of… Thanos !

Image of the Thanoscopter in a Marvel comic

And even less suffered the lightning of Throg, the Frog Thor locked in a jar labeled T365 (the number of its first appearance). Poor frog, anyway, trying to try to grab Frogjolnir (I assure you, this is not bullshit I invented), both so close and so far. If only it ended there.

Alioth the Usurper

Anyway, we were warned with the masterful opening scene leading us straight to the discovery ofAlioth. Damn, when I saw that gigantic cloud. Well unfortunately, I first had acid reflections due to the reminder of the fate reserved by the Fox to Galactus in Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer (2007). Fortunately, they were instantly gone when I distracted that face illuminated by two reddened eyes and made impressive by a gigantic jawbone.

Thereafter, it is always as much a real treat. Not only are the post-apocalyptic trash-world-style settings beautiful, but you also get great inter-Loki interactions. Special mentions to Richard E. Grant in Classic Loki and for the punchline of Kid loki : “I killed Thor. “.

When President Loki (yes, yes, it’s official) arrives for a hilarious confrontation with Alligator Loki, I can only roar with pleasure. Especially since once again, Marvel Studios had fun by referring to the severed hand of Luke Skywalker. Looking back, it’s funny how smart they were for the trailer. I really thought this Loki was our fashion Loki “I betray the VAT”. The worst part is that the excellence of this episode doesn’t even want to end with this out of the otherworldly fight between Lokis while ours quietly tries to slip away.

But I was a little quick, because in the meantime, we had the right to judge Renslayer (obviously not ready to drop the VAT) and especially Sylvie. Between her sacrifice and this magnificent slow-motion shot where she reads Alioth’s mind. She prioritizes quite a few Marvel characters in my favorites list. Goddamn it, it doesn’t stop, here is Mobius coming back with a pizza car.

This episode does everything to please me or how does it go?

Classic Loki’s heyday

We continue the delirium with Loki wanting to confront Alioth despite the warnings of the other Loki, especially Alligator Loki who prays. Bam, we discover all the power of Alioth who eats a destroyer (USS Eldridge, another easter egg) as I swallow pancakes for breakfast. We still continue with the long-awaited reunion (yet the separation was short, despite everything, I found it too long) between Loki and Sylvie.

How cute are these two. Their little chat in a small corner as if they were two teenagers has this really delicious little side of the cake. There’s no denying it, Sylvie is delicious with her troubled eyes. A very, very beautiful couple despite the weird side of their relationship. Just like the bromance between Mobius and Loki.

In short, we arrive at the final fight. Once again, we are in a thing that I really like where Classic Loki does a mega epic thing. Well what, the guy gives us an illusion of Asgard. You know the kind of stuff you get chills in. In any case, I have had some. His appearance was short, but memorable with that final shot of laughter until the helmet spat out by Alioth. Meanwhile, Kid Loki left to pack his bags to join the Young Avengers?

Through who, like Sylvie, NEEDS to know the identity of the creator of TVA.

What do you think?

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