Loki – Episode 6 “Forever. For ever. »(With spoiler)

blank - Loki - Episode 6 “Forever. For ever. »(With spoiler)

Here we are. At the end of time. At the end of the series Loki. Now is the end of it …

The multiverse is open

This is what you might think. But no, this is just the start of the journey. The beginnings of a new saga. After the Infinity Saga, here is the… Multiverse?

I’m tackling the conclusion directly, because it’s the highlight of this episode. Loki is the series, as we had guessed, that would launch the multiverse. One could wonder how Marvel Studios would manage to capture the attention of the public after such a grandiose and demanding saga. Simply by taking the show a step higher. Hell, Thanos is still offered as vulgar merchandise by Miss Minutes to try to enlist Loki. Anyway, warmly the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home and the broadcast of the series What If…? (in 4 weeks) for more.

Now back to this episode. Once again, the opening gives us a very high level sequence shot. Damn, I was completely unsettled when the cult lines of the saga were heard at the logo of Marvel Studios. There is even the magnificent line of Vision heard in the series WandaVision. This opening ends with an overall shot of cosmic beauty to die for. Here we are, back where we left off.

Facing the citadel, at the end of time.

resident Evil

The first steps gave me the impression of having fallen into a horror film. Haunted house style. And what a haunted house. I loved its Gothic style with these marble-like fractures. I don’t know if this is the correct description, but what I’m sure is that it’s a very, very beautiful setting.

In short, the doors open by themselves. When I told you about the haunted house. Boom. Miss Minutes. For a moment, I thought we were going to do a twist where she would be the big bad. Marvel Studios would be well capable. Remember the Mandarin in Iron man 3. But no, she’s here to introduce the big, big bad: He Who Remains.

What a crazy name! We continue in a room that I believed to come out of a resident Evil. On the other hand, no riddle to solve, the door opens directly. Oh damn, we’re gonna get it. A villain of phew. Yeah, that’s good Jonathan majors. So Kang the Conqueror. The one that had been advertised for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. It was not lacking, when an actor is announced for a film scheduled for such a long time, it is because he will be introduced before.

He Who Remains

While I expected to find a badass figure. I have a guy seeming to come out of a club and take everything lightly. The famous iconic opposite of Marvel Studios. “Not what you expected?” “. Yes and no, suddenly. I expected Kang, but not such a relaxed Kang. However, when Sylvie attacks her, we realize how powerful the guy is. Damn what, when you have two Lokis who come tumbling down to kill you and you take a easy bite out of an apple, it’s proof that you’re a cador.

A cador among the cadors.

The monologue that follows is absolutely fascinating. Jonathan Majors, I really liked him in the series Lovecraft Country, but in Loki, it is really huge in my eyes. I love his body language. Just like his way of presenting the multiverse with the small, malleable figurines. It reminded me of Ego’s demonstration to Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. By the way, I found the explanation of the multiverse and the origins of He Who Remains super damn good.


So is the dilemma. An interesting philosophical reflection in addition to being topical. Better to live safely under dictatorship or free in destructive chaos. Also smart to have modeled this dilemma via two different Loki. Loki corresponds perfectly to this first philosophy (it is the excuse he advanced to justify his murderous acts) while Sylvie has a will to live free.

At the same time, the character of He Who Remains is incredibly well introduced. We are faced with a disillusioned version. Having lived too many lives. The moment when he realizes that he has exceeded the limit of his knowledge is kiffy. This zoom then zoom out on an excellent number by Jonathan Majors.

A fight followed which I found a little disappointing. This is to my taste the weakness of this series. The fights are never great. Good, at most. Too bad, but the finality is clever with this kiss from Judas. Or should I say of Loki? What a great moment this long shot of Loki’s face discovering how it feels to be betrayed… by a Loki. Thor would roar with pleasure.

It was at this moment, she knew she fucked up

When Sylvie kills He Who Remains… What a treat. This shot on a euphoric face by Jonathan Majors. This face “It was at this moment, she knew she fucked up” by Sylvie. This beautiful tracking shot passing over the corpse of He Who Remains (what do I love this name, I never tire of writing it) to end on lines of time in the process of multiplying. Not to mention, this cliffhanger way The Planet of the Apes between the statue of He Who Remains and a Mobius no longer recognizing his best friend.

Mess. What a final episode. Fortunately, a very short mid-credits scene announces a second season… But the Question Who Remains… For when?

By the way, I really liked the risk taking on this last episode to do the reverse of WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. By focusing on dialogue rather than fighting.

By delighted to have started the Saga of the Multiverse.

What do you think?

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