Marvel Studios’ epic first trailer

Hope or disappointment?

The Eternals. My most anticipated MCU movie outside of sequels. Needless to say, I was impatiently awaiting the trailer. I really wanted to see what the Oscar winner Chloe Zhao to the achievement was going to bring. Anyway, here’s the first trailer to answer this question.

Note that the French title goes from Eternals to Les Eternels.

The Eternals Trailer
The Eternals trailer

“During all these years, we never intervened. Until now. “

Big satisfaction. I definitely felt an epic blast on this trailer (and the poster, too). From the first images at the origin of humanity (my son was looking for his book on prehistoric men: “Look daddy, it’s them. “), magnificent natural settings through a monolithic apparition that made me scream inwardly ” 2001, a space odyssey ”(At the same time, I’m reading a book about Stanley Kubrick at the moment…). I already had chills.

It then continues with the presentation of the Eternals. Cosmic figures whose power calls for a divine pantheon. Difficult not to have chills in front of their divine nature. The plan before the revelation of the logo where they regroup is of a certain power. Salma hayek sends from the chief presence of the Eternals.

We also obtain in watermark a first justification of their non-intervention. Obviously, their aid to humanity must have turned into carnage. Disgusted, they probably swore not to intervene any more. Until this threat glimpsed via a roaring black cloud. Perhaps the disappearance of the Avengers forced them to come back to the fore. This is indirectly mentioned via the Marvel Little Joke: “Without Captain Rogers and Iron Man, who is going to lead the Avengers?” “.

In short, its position among my most anticipated films remains unchanged. It promises to be epic.

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The Eternals (Eternals in original version) is scheduled for November 3, 2021.

Directed by Chloé Zhao, from a screenplay by Chloé Zhao and Patrick Burleigh, starring Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani, Barry Keoghan, Brian Tyree Henry, Ma Dong-Seok, Lauren Ridloff and Lia McHugh.

The epic story, spanning thousands of years, features a group of immortal heroes forced to emerge from the shadows and unite to fight against humanity’s oldest enemy, the Deviants.

Official synopsis

What do you think?

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