Marvel Studios: What crossovers could be at the heart of the Avengers 5 plot?

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After Avengers Endgame, what crossovers and stories could Marvel studios take inspiration from to build the plot for Avengers 5?

Phase 4 of the MCU will open at the end of the year with the film Black Widow. If this one should above all focus on the solo adventures of superheroes like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel, Phase 5 as for it should conclude with the famous Avengers 5. Still very mysterious, the project is expected to unite many characters from the MCU, and become as epic as the previous Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. For this, the House of Ideas could draw inspiration from several comics while Secret Wars or Secret Invasion should be the main sources. If the second should serve more as a primer in Captain Marvel 2, the first would be according to several rumors in preparation on the side of Marvel studios.

comics secret wars - Marvel Studios: What crossovers could be at the heart of the Avengers 5 plot?

However, nothing has yet been confirmed by the production of Kevin Feige, to the point that it is possible that it is inspired by other crossovers. If the war of the Kree against the Skrulls should be an important element of the next Phases, the saga of Madonna Celeste telling the invasion of Kang the Conqueror on Earth could also serve as inspiration. As such, several rumors have already mentioned the name of this famous villain in future adaptations of the MCU, the Disney + Loki series can accommodate this supervillain in the show. Then, although The Tournament of Champions can serve as an original inspiration compared to a part of the next Avengers 5, it is above all the first Secret Wars and its sequel that could be at the heart of the intrigue. In them, the omnipotent entity Le Beyonder kidnaps several heroes and villains to make them fight on a planet of its creation. However, Doctor Doom steals the powers of the Beyonder but is ultimately defeated by the heroes. As for its sequel, The Beyonder arrives on planet Earth in order to better understand humanity.

secret invasion movies - Marvel Studios: What crossovers could be at the heart of the Avengers 5 plot?

Mutant Massacre could also be one of the crossovers that can serve as an inspiration since it would help to affirm the presence and importance of the X-Men in the MCU, announced in 2019 at the Comic-Con in San Diego. Here, the Marauders go to the sewers of New York and eliminate almost all of the Morlocks. The seriously injured X-Man Angel has had his wings amputated. If it could be used more for a solo film about the X-Men, The War of Evolution in which the Master of Evolution attacks the planet to guide humanity towards evolution could recall what Thanos tried to do by razing half the populations of the universe.

comics marvel abattage - Marvel Studios: What crossovers could be at the heart of the Avengers 5 plot?

Then, Operation Galactic Storm could see the Avengers participate in the war between the Shi’ar and the Kree while the Phalanx aliens could attack Earth in Phalanx Covenant. If this last adaptation should not really be the subject of inspiration for Avengers 5, it would not however be surprising that the Marvel studios leave a large place to science fiction and that the project can take place in space. Finally, Age of Apocalypse, Avengers: The Crossing and the Timeslide, Doomwar, The Thanos Imperative, Chaos War, Monsters Unleashed, Infinity Countdown and finally War of the Realms are all potential candidates for Avengers 5. more information on the project, the studios could also use these various crossovers through solo adventures or simply borrow some elements of their respective plots, to finally create their own adaptation!

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