MISS, nice fable about gender identity

MISS tells the story of a boy who, since childhood, dreams of becoming Miss France. While it is certain that Ruben Alves’ film is not a masterpiece, it is nonetheless a pleasant entertainment, which hits the mark where it should.

Spread the word, MISS is not a great work of cinema. Its achievement is neither bad nor particularly brilliant. His writing, conventional and smooth. His direction of actors, far from being flush with the daisies, but not for all that exceptional. Isabelle Nanty, as a bitter but endearing landlady, plays exactly like Isabelle Nanty – bulging eyes and crisis of hysteria de rigueur. Notwithstanding, don’t we love when Isabelle Nanty play exactly like Isabelle Nanty ? After all, in the right dosage, this actress remains the funniest and most talented. Also, the French societal comedy, if it sometimes lacks ambition, can it not constitute a pleasant entertainment? Well, yes.

Between femininity and non-binarity

Especially since the film of Ruben alves does indeed contain many qualities. In his words, first of all. By daring to tell the story of this boy who grants his wish to become Miss France, the story could have fallen into the pitfall of claiming trans identity. And this, awkwardly, even bordering on transphobia. In reality, it is not. Indeed – and this is to its credit -, MISS goes further and dares instead to take an interest in non-binarity. To this ” third sex »That already evoked Indochina in 1985. Thus, Alex, the heroine of this feature film, poses an intelligent questioning of gender identity, ensuring that he is a boy, but “feels stronger as a woman”. If the film evokes, of course, rejection and hatred, the question is not so much to be accepted, but to appreciate being, as one is oneself, not necessarily in struggle with a norm. established.

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Credits: Julien Panié / Zazi Films / Chapka Films

Through Alex’s journey, MISS also feeds a reflection on the definition of femininity. Among the prostitutes, the rejected by society, among families of immigrant origin or even in the fiftieth celibacy of the poorest populations. This femininity which struggles to get out of it, struggles and cries in silence, while having to remain dignified, because it is so. A femininity in opposition to that of the Misses, with irreproachable manners, an easy smile and innate elegance, for whom everything seems easy. This, when in reality, they – like the others – are fighting to respond, too, to this imperative of dignity. Nonchalantly, MISS opens up interesting avenues of reflection, despite adventures without great stakes and a happy end in every point obvious.

Nice services

It would, moreover, be dishonest not to salute the performance ofAlexandre wetter, sublime featured on the catwalks, touching like a lost orphan of the Parisian slums. Also, the remarkable performance of Thibault de Montalembert who manages to make Lola, the prostitute of the Bois de Boulogne – the only notable secondary character -, as funny and endearing as it is tragic. In light of all these elements, one cannot consider MISS like a fundamentally bad movie. We could blame him, perhaps, for a purely marketing aspect. The feature film seems, in fact, to have been produced to please and move, on a theme in tune with the times, without making too many waves. The participation of the company Miss France, as well as Sylvie Tellier, even validates its harmless nature.

svg%3E - MISS, nice fable about gender identity
Credits: Julien Panié / Zazi Films / Chapka Films

Notwithstanding, MISS Nonetheless, it remains a pleasant entertainment, carried out with the best intentions, which manages to rise to the height of its ambitions. Namely, to tell a nice fable about gender identity, very sweet, crossed by an infinite benevolence. A benevolence never misplaced, since the film nevertheless pays itself the luxury of posing a legitimate reflection on gender identity, in a modern and more in-depth manner than usual. It is quite possible that, in ten years or so, we will consider this old-fashioned and simplistic statement – as we did previously for The Cage aux folles. However, for the time being, it is vital that such messages begin to run through the works intended for the general public. No matter how silly they are.

Lily nelson

svg%3E - MISS, nice fable about gender identity

Original title : Miss
Production : Ruben alves
Scenario: Elodie Namer, Ruben Alves
Main actors : Alexandre Wetter, Pascale Arbillot, Isabelle Nanty, Thibault de Montalembert
Date of recovery : May 19, 2021
Duration : 1h47min

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