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Review: Aquaman


Worlds of DC, that is the official name that makes the DCEU joke obsolete, I’m not going to say that I’m a big fan of it. My favorite being Man of Steel and it’s the first movie of the universe. Since then, I chained the big disappointments until … Fish Boy!

In contrast to the other works of the Worlds of DC, I did not expect anything from Aquaman since the trailers so much they had disappointed me. Between special effects too ambitious to hold the road, an alchemy invisible between Arthur and Mera not to mention the jokes bêêêê (every night, I read animal books with my son, which explains my new trend to adopt onomatopoeia for less surprising 😛), I had lost all hope. Still, I’m a big fan of his director, James Wan. It is therefore in the greatest candor that I took a vague villain in the face. Fortunately, I can thank the movie In the middle of the storm for telling me it was a villainous wave, because I was able to cope.

The emotion is queen
The scoundrel wave was launched to me, at the opening, by a character of whom I expected nothing, but strictly nothing. Queen Atlanna played by Nicole Kidman. It’s simple, every time she appeared in the movie, I had tears running down her cheeks. She is the emotional guarantee of the film. His love affair “cursed lovers” with Jango Fett, sorry Tom Curry, is simple, but devilishly effective. Titanic style. It’s something else than Michelle Pfeiffer in Ant-Man and Wasp, yet both roles are incredibly similar. Also note the same reuse of the process to rejuvenate. No wonder if you consider this adaptation of the superhero Aquaman as the most Marvel Studios of the Worlds of DC.

Laughs … embarrassed
On the other hand, there remains an area where the Worlds of DC still has work. Humor. It’s so bad in Aquaman that I was often embarrassed. Like when you invite a buddy to a party and he accumulates the flops with his jokes (“I do not know what happens to him, normally, it’s funnier than that.”). The best in this register is by far this goat in the plane over the Sahara. This bovine who did not seem to return that Mera and Arthur jumps successively from a plane in full flight made me laugh. In short, when you see that a goat has been better than you in the game of humor, it has something to put the ideas in place. Is not it Jason Momoa and Amber Heard? We could blame the dialogues not very inspired, but it’s just that these two actors, especially the ex-companion Johnny Depp, have no comedy talent. The Martha does not improvise like that. Fortunately, all other actors in the cast have no joke on their counter if we except this “view”.

Chasing the green diamond by Shakespeare
It is also curious this contrast that exists between the duo Arthur & Mera and the rest. The first two bicker as if they were shooting the remake of Chasing the Green Diamond and the others are doing a Shakespearian fresco. And besides, not disgusting the fresco. Especially thanks to James Wan’s favorite actor, Patrick Wilson, who does wonders in the Ocean Master (big blow for his costume). Especially by positioning his villain in an ecological register. Black Manta side is less effective, despite an exciting start. It sounds as if the character has been ousted en route to become a good lieutenant to die during an action scene.

As long as I’m there, I’ll take the opportunity to talk about the action. In this game, James Wan had a little disappointed in his Fast & Furious 7 where he had bet on special effects. However, I do not forget that he had been excellent in his mano to mano fights and this is once again where he shines the most. Aquaman’s fights are excellent. The best is the first, that of Queen Atlanna. I repeat, story that it fits well in your little head, I was totally amazed by it. I was amused by Jason Momoa’s catch sequence on board the submarine. On the other hand, I did not like fighting with a fork. The trident is class to take the pose (this cult scene where Jason Momoa appears for the first time in his classic costume), but in combat … I would rather take the keys of Kingdom Hearts.

The Battle of the Four Armies + 1 Aquaman
For the battle sequence at Lord of the Rings. I found it too messy to be effective in addition to being curious from a moral point of view. It’s not worth a Peter Jackson, that’s clear and clear. My problem is that I love fighting battles from a tactical point of view, almost like a chess game. My absolute model remains The Two Towers, specifically the battle of the Helm’s Deep, followed closely by the battle of the Five Armies (long version, of course). Infinity War, to speak more recent, also proposed it. In the latest Worlds of DC, the battle is very dense, normal given the armies deployed, but incredibly messy. In short, visually, it sins, but it has no tactical logic (everyone gets on the face and takes out the biggest weapon). As for the moral side, I am very dubious.

SPOILER Arthur massacred his own people and mass scale, and more … Not cool when you want to become his king. I was limited to telling myself they were never going to cheer him at the end. FIN SPOILER


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