Review: Candyman (2021) – Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candy …

blank - Review: Candyman (2021) - Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candy ...

Candyman has always had a fascination with me. It must be said that it is based on very effective concepts. You say her name five times in front of a mirror, you die. While the boogeyman sports an iconic look with his hook, his bees and the charismatic face of Tony todd. Strangely enough, I only saw him very late. Around twenties. Until then, he only lived in my fantasies (especially brushing my teeth in front of the mirror) or nightmares. When I finally saw the Bernard Rose classic, I was marked by its social purpose.

Headlining Marvels

For this new Candyman having benefited from the presence of Jordan peele in production and screenplay, she’s the young Nia DaCosta (31 years old) to the realization. Big peculiarity of the latter, it is her only second feature film and she was hired by Marvel Studios to direct The Marvels, Following Captain marvel. In The Marvels, we will also find the main actress of the film of the day, namely Teyonah Parris (the Monica Rambeau already seen in WandaVision). In short, as a Marvel fan, I had two big good reasons.

It all started in a weird way with the studio credits displayed upside down, at the time I thought the projectionist was wrong, but no, it was on purpose. Ah yes, before I forget, this is a sequel to the movie Candyman of 1992 ignoring the sequels released in the meantime. In the manner of Halloween from 2018, what.

As efficient as Michael Myers

We also find the same qualities. The legend behind the boogeyman, with here Cabrini Green in addition, is enriched. The murder scenes are pretty cool with a lot of sought after effects instead of just filming the assassinations under a deluge of gore effects. The main players deliver good services. By the way, it made me weird to see again Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in a register very far from the one he held in the series Misfits. Finally, the realization offers good moments. Special mention to the puppet shows. They are, without a doubt, my favorite.

In fact, these shows are the only passages that have managed to instill unease in me. The rest being too neat for my taste. Yes Yahya Abdul-Mateen II offers a nice number, he never manages to remain completely occupied by the role. It’s a shame, because it would have made it possible to switch to the next level.

Through having had the impression, for a moment, of seeing Velvet Buzzsaw again.

What do you think?

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