Review: Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Episode 2

blank - Review: Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Episode 2

We enter the bath

The first episode was to put hot water in the bath. Now our tub is now full. So it’s time to slip into it, breathe a big sigh of relief and finally get it right. This is exactly what is happening on The Man with the Star Spangled Banner.

PS: no, I do not take drugs to bring out this kind of metaphor.

First surprise, we start with the new Captain America: John walker. Second surprise, the guy is far from hateful. He is endearing, in addition to having charisma. Wyatt russell is not Ego’s son, sorry Kurt Russell, for nothing. Starting off with this intimate scene is a great idea to let audiences embrace the new Captain America. Far from being an easy task given the model.

Legacy of the Shield

After the Marvel Studios logo whose music from the fanfare totally caught me off guard, we are treated to a very funny sequence referring to the shows of Steve Rogers in Captain America: First Avenger. Really delicious to see the parallel between Walker and Rogers. Both start out as a Living Star Spangled Banner. The two plague to be of no use. Both are blondes with blue eyes. Uh yeah, that detail is useless. A parallel that allowed me to strengthen my sympathy for the character.

And the costume? Quite frankly, this week, we all laughed at the face of the new symbol of America by drawing the parallel with the old de Up there. It was funny, but it slightly freaked me out. What if the new Captain America is ridiculous? I was reassured by this sequence, because ultimately, Wyatt Russell imposes in the costume. Above all, wonderful use of the shield. I don’t remember Steve being that good at it. Note that we skilfully have a first demonstration of his angry character at the end of the episode when he gets carried away after Sam and Bucky sent him to shit for the umpteenth time.

Mini-series of friends

In The Man with the Star Spangled Banner, we also have and FINALLY the meeting between Sam and Bucky (ok, it was only one episode, but I already found it too long). Damn, I loved it. The duo hit the mark of the best buddy movies. Between the debate about the difference between a wizard and a magician and the session with the shrink, I really enjoyed myself. The chemistry between the two works well, although I wasn’t too worried about it Civil war.

Let’s move on to the action scene of the episode. Small parenthesis, obviously, we will be entitled to a big action scene every Friday and that, I like. I had been totally blown away by the aerial streak with Falcon in A new order, but I preferred this one. It was really fun and superbly done. Usually, this kind of action scene (on the back of a truck) is quite brief, but here it has gone a long way. Above all, there is a nice big surprise that the trailers didn’t show. The intervention of the new Captain America.

Black captain america

It won’t be the only surprise in Kinder. There is the sympathetic nod with the sidekick of the new Cap, Battlestar, but the big slap was clearly the introduction of Captain America black: Isaiah bradley. I did not expect that. The strongest thing is to have started the sequence with an excellent joke, bordering on the meta, where a kid calls out to Sam Wilson by calling him Black Falcon. By the way, we also have a new Young Avengers. Casually, it is setting up quietly …

Note this spine-chilling passage where the police question Sam Wilson while defending Bucky. In short, this whole part subtly highlights the racism, past and present, of the United States in addition to enriching the myth of the Super Soldier and the title Captain America. We end with a little cliffhanger making you want to see next week already with the mention of one of the best villains of the MCU: Zemo. What is class, Brühl anyway. The reunion promises to be hot!

By well in his bath, please give him some hot water.

What do you think?

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