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A French superhero film. Hmm, that’s what heralds an enticing program. After all, we had a very good series: Hero Corp. The latter had been able to add a Frenchie touch coated with humor to the myth of men and women in tights. Same success for superheroic cinema with How I became a superhero ?

For history, this achievement of Douglas attal (first feature film, so big pressure) was to be released in the cinema then Covid thing, it was bought by Netflix. A particularly comical redemption when we know that it was broadcast on July 7 when the cinemas in France had been open for more than a month.

Big budget TV movie

After seeing the feature film, I tell myself that in the end, it’s not worse than that given the quality of the product. At least he avoided the competition of Black widow. I’m going to be violent, but to my taste, we’re closer to a TV movie than to a real movie. In short, we are well in line with the mediocre films of Netflix. Be careful, the quality of the special effects is not to be called into question despite a big miss at the end (when the budget no longer manages to keep up with the ambitions of the scenario). It is more the history and the play of actors which are to be called into question.

Sincerely, with How I became a superhero, I had the impression of watching an episode of Julie Lescaut or Navarro. Yes, yes, my references are a little dated, but what do you want, I completely deserted TF1 and company except for the matches of the France team. In short, we have a police investigation based on problem adolescents and drugs. It’s not boring to follow, but hey, there is nothing wrong. If we remove the superheroic coating, it would really be a TF1 product.

In the end, the only thing that I really liked was the role and the performance of Benoît Poelvoorde. A superhero put on the sidelines, but unable to resolve it. Special mention for this moving moment in front of the results of the votes for the most popular superhero. It would have been better to make him the main character.

Basic inspiration

For the rest, the game of actors is not bad, but transparent. Probably not helped by rather poor dialogue in addition to sounding false and basic settings. The worst is, without a doubt, the bad guy. The poor have all the ridiculous defects of the villain. In addition, physically / “charismatically”, he imposes nothing at all. As a fan of the genre, it’s hard not to look away while rubbing your forehead. No, but here we went back years. Marvel and DC have largely evolved the bousin since.

What is distressing is to see that the French aspect of the film remains in the end practically untapped. There are indeed the streets of Paris, but nothing stands out from a classic film of the genre, whether it is the plot, the powers or the characters. So when in addition, on the demonstration of powers side, the film, excuse me, pity… The big problem that I found. It’s because there is a desire to act as if superheroes were part of everyday life. Only, with each use of power, the realization dwells on it to death. Paradoxical.

There is also a desire to play on the social network side, but hey, The Boys has been there… In short, instead of standing out, they simply redesigned something that already existed… better.

Through not even surprised.

What do you think?

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