Review: Loki – Episode 3 “Lamentis” (with spoiler)

blank - Review: Loki - Episode 3 "Lamentis" (with spoiler)

After the big mess left at the end of the previous episode, I was in a hell of a hurry to check out today’s episode. Even more to the discovery of the reduced duration (almost 20 minutes less) presaging a large reinforcement of special effects, therefore spectacular scenes.

It was not lacking. This episode is exotic by taking us to Lamentis-1, a desert planet on the verge of destruction relying on atypical colors (omnipresence of purple). Despite the superb decorations, I regret that the green backgrounds are too visible. It broke my delirium. Now is the time to start using Volume in the Marvel Studios series.

Otherwise, I was surprised that in the end, we are more in a transitional episode punctuated by action scenes of a better level than the previous ones. By the way, Sylvie does not do badly at all in combat. Beautiful choreographies. In short, Lamentis is an opportunity to get to know more about the female variant of Loki. I did not particularly find that phew, the chemistry between the two actors being much less palpable than that shared by Tom Hiddleston with Owen Wilson. I just liked the joke of trying different approaches from the two Lokis.

The hour of the Apocalypse

Towards the end, I was a little disappointed with my weekly dose of Loki, but fortunately that the final action scene raises the level by betting on the great spectacle. That green moon tearing in two must have made Thanos smile. Just a pity that the transitions between the different parts of the sequence shot are too visible. But whatever, it was damn fun and hell, this final … The ark pierced by Captain Marvel, sorry a meteorite. I suspect they’ll be okay, we’re only halfway through the season, but still.

On the plot side, we have confirmation of Loki’s sexuality and we discover how Sylvie’s powers work. An Enchantress without really being? On the other hand, Wanda’s competitor in mind control has clearly arrived. More curious is his rejection of the name Loki. To mark its desire to break out of the mold forged by the Keepers of Time? To become theEnchantress from the MCU (in the comic, Sylvie lushton is the second Enchantress)? However, the biggest breakthrough is undoubtedly proof that, no, the Guardians did not create the VAT agents. I had doubts about the Guardians. Now they are confirmed. The big question remains: was Mobius a jet ski instructor in his old life?

Through tapped by THE question.

What do you think?

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