Review: Marvel’s The Punisher – Season 2

blank - Review: Marvel's The Punisher - Season 2


Attention, this review contains spoilers …

His first season at the summit allowed him to look Daredevil straight in the eye after literally doing it during the series dedicated to the Man without fear. Today, Frank Castle returns for a second season. That of confirmation before the inevitable cancellation?

Sublime entry into matter
On this season, I preferred the first part to the second. The first episode offers an unexpected love story. A love story that involves … Frank Castle ?! I was stunned. What the hell, Frank amuse a barmaid ?! I was even more surprised when I discovered, by introspection, that I plunged my head forward. I believed it. It was simple and moving. This exchange in bed where Frank reveals his true identity. Breakfast with the son. Of course, it will not have been long before he falls back on it. Because there is the subject of this season. Explore the psyche of the Punisher and, in parallel, that of Billy Russo.

pan - Review: Marvel's The Punisher - Season 2

Before continuing on the couch, I wanted to stay on this side away from New York. That’s what I liked so much about the Punisher’s adventures that I read when Frank cheated on New York with other cities. It also allows you to breathe away from New York propaganda. It’s a beautiful city, of course, but it’s also the place for the tribulations of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Suffice to say that I feel like I’ve gone around. So, when we get it back, it has a little swollen. At least, Frank’s road trip ends with a delicious attack from the sheriff’s office. I really loved this passage. In addition, it reinforces the mythology of the skull.

War is not a child’s play
It does not take too long to understand that gunfight level and violence, it remains in the lineage of the first season. It’s always so intense and gores. See even more. I think we have crossed a course in the sense that in every fight, the bodies are bruised. It is in total opposition of the fights of most series where the protagonists get away with a flawless face. Even Frank Castle has a mouthful! I do not think bullshit saying that this season, we see more with a swollen face than a nickel. However, let’s take out a little candle for the Punisher’s cosmetic surgery on this poor Russian. Not with the help of a scalpel, but with a weight of muscle. For me, it’s a symbol. In addition to showing excellent makeup.

In terms of shootings, it’s the top of the basket. On this season, they are numerous and always successful. Blood spurting. Bullet impact. Everything is done for immersion. My favorite thing in the field is the robbery. When Billy Russo discovers the man behind his nightmares. It’s like being in the heat.

Leon Castle, the professional
When I discovered the newcomer. The teenager with multiple names as we sold the promo. Frankly, I freaked out. My first reaction to his appearance in the series was “my god, we’re going to bang a disinterested teen without interest, but why such an addition to the Punisher? “. Then the episodes paraded and I started to love their duet. I had reminiscences of duo Léon and Mathilda. It certainly does not go so far in my heart. Leon is one of my favorite movies of all time. All the same for this plan where Frank, on his return to Agent Madani, makes his mission report to young Amy by raising her two thumbs up. While being as bloody as Carrie after being elected queen of the promo. Emotionally, I would also remember this moving passage where Frank returns to the mobile home with Curtis and Amy wants to play with him by scary. It was intense.

A puzzle and a washed brain
Side antagonist, there is obviously Billy Russo in a reinterpretation of the emblematic villainous Jigsaw and a new challenger: John Pilgrim. For the first, it does not face as ravaged as the comic version, but we understand where they came from. Emphasize that it is not his face that is ravaged, but his psyche. Follows an unhealthy relationship rather interesting with the psychiatrist. Nevertheless, the whole ends up running in circles. Personally, Billy Russo ended up inflating me after a while to gnawing. Style the world is mean against me, while it is a cocksucker of the worst kind. So obviously, I ADORED (I put quotation marks to emphasize it) the fate that is reserved for him. Instead of a tearful end, the Punisher completes it as he deserves. Without waiting and especially without lingering on it. A perfect exit!

I liked the other villain. Especially thanks to her two “benefactors” including Eliza Schultz played by Annette O’Toole aka Clark Kent’s mom in Smallville (!!). Also, because he is really cool and offers real opposition to the Punisher. Their multiple duels being rather tasty. Especially in the hotel room, by the opposite wall.

Stop there?
Among the other characters. Dinah Madani. I found it less annoying in the first season, which is logical in itself, as it is part of the evolution of the character. Less locked in his ideas. Less stop. After that, it stays there. On the other hand, it was a pleasure to see Curtis grow. Just like Brett Mahoney. Finally, it was a delight, as always, to see Turk and Karen Page again (I took the opportunity to bid farewell). Disappointment, however, not to be entitled to a return of Micro.

If I loved this season, I still prefer the first. It would be at the level of dramatic intensity. Also, I find that the villains of this second season are less impacting even if they remain cool. It lacks the intensity and the charisma of a Kingpin or a Poindexter. Especially concerning Billy Russo.

Regarding the continuation, to date, we still do not know if season 3 will be done, but it would be very surprising. Nevertheless, this season 2 ends with a strong image (the real punisher arrives) while closing all his intrigues. Therefore, to stop there would not be disconcerting. Not like the cliffhangers of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Nevertheless, Jon Bernthal was a perfect punisher and given the level of quality, I loved having a sequel.

What do you think?

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