Review: MODOK – Episode 1 “The Big Head”

blank - Review: MODOK - Episode 1 "The Big Head"

The origins

It all started in February 2019 when Marvel television announced the development of a television series dedicated to MODOK for Hulu but also others for Hit-Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler and Howard the duck. All leading to a crossover: The Offenders, in opposition to the famous Defenders of Netflix. Eventually, following the absorption of Marvel Television by Marvel Studios, all series were canceled except, as you can imagine, MODOK thanks to the support of Kevin Feige. Better, last month, a second season was confirmed. In short, it smells good for the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing but nothing beats forming a subjective opinion.

It’s nice to have your dose of Marvel between two Marvel Studios series. On the other hand, I am disgusted. The ten episodes of the series were unveiled at once on Hulu while on Star (Disney +), it will be necessary to wait a week between each episode … Small precision does not hurt, the series is not an integral part of the MCU. The co-creator of the series, Jordan blum, revealed that it takes place on Earth 1226 in honor of her son’s birthday.

Robot Chicken at Marvel

First observation, I immediately recognized the style of the studio behind the excellent series Robot Chicken : Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. We like it or not, we have to admit that the team did a good job for the modeling of MODOK without forgetting Iron man who makes a (very short) guest appearance on the first episode with the voice of Jon hamm for two rather funny jokes.

In the video game Marvel’s avengers, the supervillain was treated very realistically. One of my complaints was that I had never managed to consider MODOK a credible villain because of his cartoonish look. Seriously, how can you take a big flying head seriously? From then on, the series of the day with its humorous tone like dirty kid sticks much better.

Nevertheless, there is still work to be done, because for a first entry, I cannot say that I am particularly won over. There are a few cool jokes and funny situations (like the use of Pym candy, that “mutant rat” and that Super-Adaptoid), but the totally self-righteous anti-hero side of a comedy series is not. really innovative. Afterwards, we must not forget that this is a first episode and these are rarely the best, especially for comedy series, because it is about laying the first foundations (we expose professional life, AIM, and deprived of MODOK – that doesn’t hurt for twenty minutes) and above all, find the right tone. Regardless, I found enough grounds for hope to make me want to continue.

Through meeting at the end of the season for the full review.

What do you think?

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