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Review: Spider-Man

In today’s day (I love this pleonasm), there is one area where Marvel lags behind the Distinguished Competition. That of video games. If DC can boast of having both licenses Arkham and Injustice, on the side of Marvel, well there is … Uh … Oh yes, Marvel VS Capcom! But it’s still missing a good big game.

Marvel is aware of this and has launched the big maneuvers with a list of AAA games like The Avengers Project by Crystal Dynamics or the game The Guardians of the Galaxy by Eidos Montreal. Before we get into the future, if we came back to the present with Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man (the Sagas Resistance and Ratchet and Clank)?

A simple Arkham skin?
We just take the game in hand, we immediately understand the inspiration. The Arkham franchise simply. They copied everything. But all. Whether fighting, infiltration, gadgets, mini-games, scenario style, and open world. At the same time, the Black Knight’s videogame trilogy was almost perfect.

The assets of the Spider
The advantage of Spider-Man over Batman lies in its movements. Strolling backed by sublime animations in a Marvelian New York shouting realism and armor with winks to the fans (the Avengers Tower, Josie’s Bar, Jessica Jones’ closet – a tip, make the fashion photo, it will allow you to discover them) with the help of the paintings has a really cool side. This is one of the few open worlds where I would prefer to move from one place to another rather than using fast moving (even if the videos while loading are funny). The signal that an enemy is about to hit us is more realistic here than at Batman. Indeed, Spider-Man has the meaning of the spider, him. What is Bruce Wayne’s excuse?

In short, gameplay level, there is nothing to say. It’s Arkham all spit. In addition, easier compared to its side quests. Where the game DC was sometimes below, the star of Marvel manages them better for my taste and manages to avoid lassitude. Some side missions are really nice. Especially those involving a supervillain. However, we are not going to tell each other haunting, it’s still far from a Witcher 3.

An original adventure of the Spider
At the level of the main plot, it is rather a success. The game comes to use the freedom of the open world. Many villains are also involved. Real happiness as at Arkham to rub it. The story is a real adventure of the Spider with a big emotional moment, twirling cinematics and some striking sequences. An epic is worthy of comics. Note that one can embody secondary characters without powers. I loved this side to discover the villains in another aspect: terrifying. Because with the powers of Spider-Man, the worry is not (or little) of the bet. By cons, when you have none …

The rereading of iconic characters is excellent and allows to give a unique identity to this Spidey. Understand that we know that we are in the universe of Insomniac Spider-Man and not that of Marvel Studios, Ultimate or Earth-616. It is also transcribed visually by this new costume. Note the excellent alternative costumes with a special mention for Ghost Spider.

The icing on the cake, the comments of Spider-Man during the adventure are the image of the character and sometimes frankly funny (Inspector Spider). In short, the Spider-Man that I love.

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