Review: The Suicide Squad (with spoiler)

blank - Review: The Suicide Squad (with spoiler)

Because of old tweets with black and bold humor, James gunn got fired from Disney. Main consequence, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been put aside. Not so stupid, the pundits of Warner Bros. studios. felt the good move of the transfer window and hurried to hire the one who is one of the flagship directors of Marvel Studios to give a boost to their universe. DC, therefore. To convince, carte blanche obviously.

James Gunn took the opportunity to reconcile with his past at La Troma by delivering, with The Suicide Squad, a barred feature film mixing action, gore, vulgarity and humor… black and fat. The circle is complete. Especially that in addition, Suicide Squad (2016) was an attempt to replicate the success of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Everything was there but …

As the credits rolled, I was surprised… Surprised that I didn’t love James Gunn’s new film. However, all the ingredients were there. It’s generous. The character gallery is inspired. Especially since she is armored with obscure supervillains with costumes whose kitsch delighted me. Suddenly, novelty question, it sends heavy. The production and the soundtrack are pure Gunn. I still remember this excellent scene where a beautiful part of a fight is followed through the reflection of the helmet of Peacemaker. The special effects hold up perfectly and that’s nice, especially after Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).

But what the hell happened? Why didn’t i love it The Suicide Squad ? Because I’m a stupid Marvel fanboy? Frightened by the prospect of becoming a vulgar fan unable to appreciate a DC, it took a little while to pinpoint the problems. In fact, in the course of my reflection, I realized that there were no big flaws. Which explains the difficulty. We are more in a scenario where it is a pile of small defects that spoil the viewing and thereby prevent the newborn from Worlds of DC to be the bomb I expected.

The promised suicide squadron

Let’s start with the beginning. The opening sequence. Without hesitation, my favorite passage. Knowing that we are in a weird thing between the sequel and the reboot, we do not waste time explaining the basis of Task Force X. Bam, bam, bam, a few shots accompanied by short and concise dialogues are enough to pose the context. We take a moment to introduce the team to us before throwing out the “surprise” (I put quotes, because any informed spectator had already guessed what was going to happen): the vast majority of the team died in atrocious suffering. Suffering which is also an opportunity for the spectator to experience exhilarating murders, a bit like watching a slasher. The whole ending on a last shot that made me think very hard with a small smile emerging at the corner of my lips: “Karma is a bitch”. It’s worthy of the best scene in Deadpool 2 (2018).

By then, I had clung to my chair. Damn, he’s gonna do it. James Gunn is going to blast everything. Unfortunately, that’s when The Suicide Squad will also become less successful. A phenomenon strangely similar to David Ayer’s film without fortunately going so far in the failure.

Reboot, is that you?

The first complaint I have to make concerns the scenario. Why on earth is it as modeled as its predecessor? Basically, you replace Bloodsport by Deadshot and you have pretty much the same movie. Especially since the two headliners have practically the same origin story (with Peacemaker 😛), except that that of Bloodsport is treated in the dirty kid spirit that James Gunn loves (see the hilarious exchange in the visiting room ).

We also have an evolution of the team that is not unlike that of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Until the end. While it had started well with a great team of bastards. The finale destroys all that in a Guardian-style twist where the team finds something good in their hearts and leaves to save the world. The Guardians also had a real excuse (it was to save the galaxy in which they lived). Too bad they did not go all the way by following Amanda Waller’s orders and leaving Corto Maltese in the dark. It would have been the cherry on the cake.

My name is Nanaue

Guardians of the Galaxy, we also have the same comic character with formidable combat effectiveness in the person of King shark, a perverted variant of Groot. But still varying. On the other hand, the group alchemy struggles to take (for example, the awkward passage at the bar, again the remake effect). Personally, I think it’s due to the fact that there are too many characters. So, I never really had the time to attach myself to anyone. So the dead are more comical than anything else. Zero tension, but a lot of fun. It’s already that.

Let’s move on to humor. So there… I was really surprised to see that a lot of jokes fell flat. Most of the time, teenage vulgarity breaks the humor. However, some are effective. In fact, I mostly think of one: the running gag of visions of Polka-Dot Man.

With all my love, Taika

In the department of emotions, I will only come out with one name: Ratcatcher 2. It’s simple, agreed, but effective and then good, the cameo associated with its origin story what! For the rest, given that humor defuses tension and there are a lot of characters, it’s hard to get emotionally involved. In addition, we are warned. We must not get attached. I was just marked by the end of Rick Flag, one of the rare moments when the film remains serious. Damn what, this exchange of looks between Joel kinnaman and John cena was superb.

Another point that disappointed me a little: the action. It is not very spectacular. It’s certainly gory and fun, but it’s still pretty basic. Fortunately there is the Kaiju (I love it) and a pretty good scene with it Harley quinn.

Perfect transition to talk about it. Concerning her, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I’m happy to see that it has FINALLY been used properly. Namely like an agent of chaos, there to make a mess, but remaining in the background. On the other hand, I can’t take it anymore… Always the same type of humor (the Milton joke made me want to press the red button to explode his head). Always the same situations. A character shot in a loop. Without forgetting, this unpleasant feeling of being in front of a cheated character. She even makes a jump as if she had a superforce …

When the story shatters into pieces

Finally, there is also a problem of rhythm. I expected something more punchy. So I was a little taken aback when I saw that the story was taking its time. But the worst is undoubtedly these annoying round trips in the story. There’s too much…

Oh boy, I forgot to mention the bad guys. Well, I skip the military dictators, they have no interest in focusing on my crush: Starro. Well, I was a little disgusted that it was revealed by the marketing department. It would have been so great to find out in the movies. But still, he’s still a really cool villain. We are still talking about the first enemy of the Justice League. However, I did not understand why he did not try to kill the Suicide Squad when he had an army at his disposal. There remains this fabulous last line, a bit tragic: “I was happy in space, looking at the stars…”.

See, there aren’t really any big flaws. Make no mistake, as it is, The Suicide Squad remains a good movie. The kind we could easily see again. Nonetheless, I expected a lot more. Mostly from James Gunn. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what he plans to do at DC.

By raising his fist in rage, because he would have loved worshiping The Suicide Squad.

What do you think?

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