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blank - Review: Titans -Season 1


We had to wait a little while after the States before being entitled to live Titans at home. At least, it allowed us to enjoy the whole season at once. The ideal for a rush.

As Deadpool would say, with Titans, we are in the DC universe. So it’s dark! In this case for the adaptation of (Teen) Titans, we are in a mix between Netflix Marvel series for the violent side and Heroes for superheroic delusions on a human level.

My heart stroke … does not concern Titans
I was not especially excited by the eleven episodes of the series. I often got bored. Already the main cast, despite a rather nice look with a special mention for the improbable, Kory Anders lack of charisma. Personally, I could not get on with it and have empathy. Even less for this whining Robin. It’s not for nothing that I love Robin the least. #TeamDamianWayne #TeamJasonTodd

You will not be surprised when you learn that my favorite episode of the season only concerns the Titans since it involves the Doom Patrol. These are characters who have heart and mark. I am really looking forward to discovering the series that will be dedicated to them (planned on DC Universe, February 15, 2019).

That drag in length
To return to the heroes of the series, the main plot is based on Raven and mazette, how it does not advance … It looks like a season to prepare for a spin-off for the DC streaming service. We meet Hawk & Dove, the Doom Patrol, Jason Todd, and Donna Troy. I also found that it lacked rhythm. Especially, when, in addition, we fancy the protagonists and writing a little simplistic even if the references geek make smile. After, must relativize by saying that as I have not hooked to the characters, it’s a bit normal that I get pissed off.

Young Punishers?
The other point that troubles me. It is to see all this violence among the Titans. Knowing that the team that composes it is that of Teen Titans, it fucks a little badly. But I thought why not. It can bring a nice point of view, but the more the episodes advance, the more the discomfort grows. Starfire who stumbles (crame would be a fairer word) people without flinching. Beast Boy who eats a guy. Raven who liquefies another from the inside. Not to mention a Robin more sidekick Punisher than Batman. In short, watching the series, you must really remove the Teen Titans head.

Flat, even when practicing amnesia, I found it chubby. How can we have sympathy for this team of killers? Because that’s what they are. So when in addition, the actors have a rather average level. Not helped either by replicas sometimes next to the plate.

Technically impeccable, and even more
There are still beautiful things. The photography is neat. The sets are varied and inspired. I would go so far as to say that the special effects pleasantly surprised me. I was expecting a bad thing like Netflix’s Marvel series, but no, Titans are out on the road. Except maybe Beast Boy. This is also the character who suffers the most from the passage to live. How sad to see him turn into a tiger …

In short, I do not know if I will make the effort to watch the second despite the bastard cliffhanger and post-generic scene really cool (even if again, it’s morally not terrible …). By cons, for the delicious Doom Patrol, count on me!

What do you think?

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