Shazam: The Rock Confirms Black Adam Movie and Announces Shooting Date

Shazam: The Rock confirms the movie Black Adam and announces the start date of shootingBlack Adam will soon arrive on the big screen, all carried by The Rock!If you did not know it yet, know that Shazam! not only stars cast, but also in the shadow team. Imagine that Dwayne Johnson is one of the producers of the film and one thing while training another, he is so carried away by the story that The Rock has decided to embody the evil Black Adam in the cinema! Not in the sequel to Shazam !, but in a solo movie, as he recently enthusiastically announced in a video on Instagram: “For those who know comics and who know the mythology of Shazam, you know that he is connected to Black Adam Black Adam is an anti-hero or villain I can not wait to play I’m developing this, and it’s been in my DNA for over a decade now. about a year, I’m very excited about


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