Spider-Man Far From Home: Mysterio unveils a little more in the new international trailer

A new trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home has just arrived!

Less than five months before the release of the new adventures of our favorite spider-man, a new international Spider-Man trailer Far From Home has just been released, straight from Japan. If international trailers often repeat the same images without too much spoiler, there are sometimes the chance to discover new perspectives and additional scenes. If it offers us less unprecedented scenes, marketing pro in Japan had the idea to transform a part Snapchat Snapchat story, to stick to the age of the superhero and the customs of a trip to Europe for a slew of teenagers. On the other hand, no trace of the new costume and the “personalized Quinjet” of the superhero, whereas we already had a preview of the figurines. The secret is currently well kept.


We already know that Peter is a fan of vlogs, since he likes to shoot himself to tell all his exploits, as he does at the beginning of Spider-Man Homecoming. We can now imagine what would happen if he documented his entire trip this way on Snapchat. This way of mounting gives a light touch and fun to the trailer, a wind of innovation passes on Sony! We still have the right to some new replicas and a new overview of the power of Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who has very particular reasons to have accepted the role. You will still have to wait until July 3, 2019 to discover Venice with Tom Holland!

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