Spider-Man Far From Home: Samuel L Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland trio on new posters

The latest posters for Spider-Man Far From Home are here, and the boys are not the only ones to hit the bill.

SOURCE Sony Pictures Entertainment
Just over a month away from Spider-Man’s Far From Home theatrical release, the spider-man, who struggles to keep his true secret identity, is making new posters. At his side, we find his two new acolytes, Nick Fury and Quentin Beck aka Mysterio. They even have the right to solo them! And these are not the only ones, since MJ also has his own poster. Does this mean that it will have an important role to play in Spider-Man Far From Home? We already know that she will discover the dual identity of Peter Parker, and that a beginning of romance should be born between the two teenagers. MJ is known for her strong personality, so it would not be surprising if she wants to be part of the action if she has the opportunity.

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