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    THE SUBSTITUTE: incident report

    With this TV movie narrating the misadventures of a temporary French teacher, TF1 no longer even tries to avoid the pitfalls. Worse, fiction now seems to become a pretext to flatter clichés and reassure the audience. Months that the trailers are running around the clock: Joey starr will be the replacement, a professor of letters […] More

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    WONDER WOMAN 1984, and the DCEU was extinguished

    The continuation of the adventures of Diana Prince, available on VOD, has not benefited from a theatrical release. We quickly understand why: devoid of stakes and devoid of rhythm, Wonder Woman 1984 is a long, tasteless story with a very awkward subtext. 1984: Diana Prince is fully integrated into the company, where she works as […] More

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    THE WISDOM OF THE OCTOPUS, a magical immersion

    Rather unnoticed, THE WISDOM OF THE OCTOPUS deserves to be seen! Documentary is a genre that still struggles to seduce viewers. Deemed too didactic, or too linear, the public very often remains resistant. Making a feature film on the life of an octopus is therefore a very daring bet. And yet, James reed and Pippa […] More

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    The timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    blank - The timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It is sometimes difficult to navigate the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indeed, the more the years pass, the more it becomes more complex. We can begin to wonder “What year is Captain Marvel set?” Or “The Agent Carter series, is it just after Captain America?” “. In short, if you are asking yourself […] More

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    the films will be released directly on Disney +


    blank - the films will be released directly on Disney +

    Soul and Mulan were screened out last year and the latest Pixar, Luca, will suffer the same fate. While in France, Raya and the Last Dragon is still scheduled for April 21 at the cinema, the other countries are “ahead” and are already waiting for the next Marvel streaming for July 2021. Disney disrupts (once […] More

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    Humor: WandaVision

    blank - Humor: WandaVision

    A selection of memes, parodies and cartoons for the Marvel Studios series for Disney +, WandaVision, with Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn and Teyonah Parris. Click on an image to open the gallery. Episode 1 and 2: Filmed in front of an audience & Don’t zap Episode 3: We Switch to Color Episode 4: […] More