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Making a movie is not done with the wand like in Harry Potter. Behind Hollywood blockbusters hides hard work. And this, whether it is a great classic like Star Wars or a short film. A good movie isn’t just a pretty story or a great cast. For the magic of the 7th art to operate, direction and production are important. Discover the key steps to making a film worthy of the name.

Before the production of the film

Any cinematic work begins with an idea, whether it’s a documentary film, romantic comedy, or narrative video. The imagination is the common thread of all the realization. Without an idea, there is no project, because it is the starting point for writing the script. This must be developed, exploited to the maximum. This step is one of the main pillars of making a film. Indeed, it is at this stage that the creation of the characters and the decor comes. It is about creating expressive characters who will mark history and imagine a setting so close to reality.

Once the script is written, it’s time to choose the actors who will play the characters. Research, auditions, analysis, learning, discovery… So much work to be done to find the actors who will create a sensation on the big screens. The casting is the first point of contact with the public. He must be as interesting as possible to capture his curiosity. When it comes to documentary films or short films that relate facts, the casting is not essential.

Preparations before filming

The constitution of the film crew is done at this stage. A good team is essential for film projects. Several technicians are essential. You don’t need a big team, what it takes are talented and enthusiastic agents. They must be constituted according to the scope of the project.

Some technicians are also essential. Also, several tasks can be performed by a single person. Often, the producer finds himself in the shoes of the director, the cameraman and the cameraman. This can also learn how to edit a video and officer as a fitter.

With these successful phases, it is now time to think about and prepare for the shoot. All the details of the project should be discussed here. Location of the filming, its duration, its progress … Every detail is well thought out. Research must be linked to build an unparalleled setting. The filming location is already predisposed or is it done in the studio? The next step is planning the shoot.

The filming process

A technical cutting is to be undertaken before starting the actual shooting. It is about the transposition of the scenario into real action. Usually, this is done through a simple kinematics. The goal is to have a concrete perception of the different scenes of the film. This phase offers the possibility of determining the right angles of shots, the movements of the camera and the different shots. It is only after the development of this technical cutting that the shooting can begin in earnest.

Production is one of the longest points in making a film, but also the most interesting. This is where the project comes to life. It is important to develop all the decorations. These must be thought out down to the millimeter to immerse amateurs in the world of the film. In order to avoid unforeseen events and to suffer a delay in filming, the materials must be checked carefully.

The finalization: editing, mixing and grading

When the filming is finalized, the most delicate stage comes: editing. It is about giving shape to all the work that has been done for months, even years. Editing a movie doesn’t just mean linking each successful rushes together and combining them to have a continuous sequence. It is a job that requires rigor, patience and a dose of perfectionism.

Every take should be checked, viewed and analyzed from all angles to get the best out of it. This task is commonly referred to as logging. After this sorting, it is necessary to superimpose the images and the sound. For an exceptional rendering, these have indeed been recorded separately. It is therefore essential that they are perfectly synchronized.

Once all the takes are gathered and edited, the video enters its final phase. It is ready to accommodate the various effects and to be mixed. This operation consists of introducing the different sounds (original soundtrack, voiceover, etc.) which will perfect the film. For video effects, it is essential that they match the mood and tones of the production perfectly.

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