The first reference to Doctor Strange in the MCU is a timeline error…

It represents a timeline error …
The MCU is a vast and complicated world where many characters can cross without ever seeing each other. For more than 10 years now, we have been following the adventures of Cap ‘, Iron Man or Bruce Banner and Black Widow and we are never as happy as when these characters are at the heart of the same action. When this is not possible, we are content with small cameos or simply a mention … But beware, the mentions are dangerous because we have to make sure that they do not contradict the timeline of the MCU and it’s a mistake that could not be avoided in Captain America – The Winter Soldier when Stephen Strange is first mentioned.

In the film directed by the Russo brothers, Cap ‘, Black Widow and the Falcon force a Hydra agent to explain the project “Insight”. The latter then announces that it is an algorithm to detect current and future threats to Hydra through bank accounts, emails, calls, medical records … And among all the names mentioned is that of Stephen Strange. Except that at the time of the plot of the film, the latter is still a surgeon, certainly very talented, but nothing more than a surgeon, without any other distinction. His powers only come later, after a car accident and following a trip … He still had nothing magic in him and therefore nothing threatening for Hydra. Why was he among the targets of the satellite? There is no logical explanation since none of the parameters used by Insight could have predicted its transformation, except that Marvel Studios wanted to mention it for the first time before its official arrival at the MCU. We will say nothing promised!

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