The Flash season 5: 5 ways SPOILER could leave the series if the rumors are true

There are rumors that SPOILER might be leaving The Flash at the end of Season 5 … If so, here are 5 ways to get him off the ground.
The Flash team could lose one of its members. As we already know, The Flash and other series of the CW have been renewed for a new season. Barry has not said his last word but Cisco certainly … Recently, rumors have emerged about the fact that Carlos Valdes, the interpreter of Cisco Ramon might not be a regular character at the return of The Flash this autumn. But then, if the actor is no longer part of this great adventure for season 6 of The Flash, how writers could explain his absence? If these rumors are true, here are 5 ways that Cisco could leave the series and the team Flash!

In season 5 of The Flash, Cisco is working on the development of a cure for meta-humans who want to resume a normal life without their powers. Now that he has finally deciphered the code and put in place what seems to be a viable remedy, will he choose to use it himself? This is a possibility, especially since Cisco has openly talked about a life without powers with Caitlin. Barry’s BFF dreams of a normal life …

2. Cisco finds Gypsy

cisco - The Flash season 5: 5 ways SPOILER could leave the series if the rumors are true

Gypsy and Cisco ended their relationship even though their feelings were still there and it broke Vibes’ heart. He refused to live on Earth-19 and replace Gypsy’s father, Breacher, and Cynthia did not want to leave his job for him … However, if the young woman resurfaced, could the duo give herself another chance?? This is one of the happy endings that we hope for Cisco because it deserves to find love!

3. Cisco could be killed by Cicada

cisco cicada - The Flash season 5: 5 ways SPOILER could leave the series if the rumors are true

This is one of the dramatic ends that we all dread! Cicada has tried to kill Cisco many times and he has even managed to, but Nora has stepped back in time to change the past. Vibes is one of the main targets of this big bad and he does not intend to let go. So it’s possible that Cicada gets his way and kills the best friend of The Flash … In any case, it would be an emotional shock for all fans.

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