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The Flash season 5: Episode 11, Cicada back and SPOILER in critical condition, our verdict

Barry nearly did the irreparable in episode 11 of season 5 of The Flash. Discover our verdict of “Seeing Red”!
Team Flash was back last night on the CW! After a few weeks of absence, Cicada has made a comeback! He did not miss stabbing poor Nora in episode 11 of season 5 of The Flash. Did the young woman come out? Barry, could he stop his enemy? Melty’s editorial reveals his criticism of “Seeing Red”. The episode opens with Grace’s doctor bringing food to Cicada. The latter remained hidden during all this time but his accomplice convinces him to resume his hunt for meta-humans. Moreover, it seems that there is someone else ready to help them. Cicada then resumes his mission by killing several meta-humans. Barry and Nora then understand by investigating one of the murders that their enemy is back. Meanwhile, Caitlin is still working on the antidote to “heal” the meta-humans but it seems that Killer Frost is not pleased with this idea. The scientist would need the DNA of a meta recently transformed but all are murdered by Cicada! The big bad shows up and blames a young woman. The team stops him thanks to Frost but when Caitlin is absent to take the victim to the hospital, Cicada hurts Nora badly. The latter is paralyzed and dark matter weakens its powers which makes its healing much longer and difficult.

The Team realizes that their rival uses a CCPD list to hunt down meta-humans, there is probably a mole in the police! Cecile and Barry decide to use this famous list to find the possible victims of Cicada and put them away. Barry, Frost, and Ralph ask Norvock for help while Cecile turns to David Singh. Joe’s girlfriend is starting to have suspicions about Officer Jones, who may be the mole. Later, the metal would kill Cicada but Flash assures them that it’s impossible. Norvock intervenes to confirm the words of the hero and this seems to convince his peers. Barry managed to protect all the metals except Shawna Baez aka Peek-a-Boo who refuses to follow him. She is forced to change her mind when Cicada arrives to kill her! Barry, meanwhile, one idea in mind: eliminate his enemy. Cecile is worried that the superhero will be back, he has the same anger as his rival in Season 5 of The Flash. As Nora begins to move her toes, Sherloque does not hesitate to cook her. That does not please Iris who defends her daughter.

Elsewhere, Frost confesses to Ralph that if Caitlin takes the medicine, she will disappear with the powers. She fears that no one can protect her alter-ego if she is no longer there … Ralph reassures her by telling him that Caitlin also wants to protect her. Thanks to Jones, Cicada finds Barry and all the meats! While Ralph evacuates his proteges, Flash decides to fight Cicada alone and refuses even the help of Frost. But the latter does not intend to stay behind! When Barry is about to kill Cicada, Nora arrives in extremis to stop him. If Ralph saves all the metals, Frost can not destroy Cicada’s dagger. The big bad escapes … While Cecile and Singh corner Jones, Killer Frost apologizes to Caitlin by putting back his equation and giving him the blood of a recently transformed meta, Cicada. For his part, Sherloque discovers that there are two entries in Nora’s diary and is determined to know whom they belong to. Finally, Barry’s experience makes him wonder if the only way to defeat Cicada is not to appeal to his fatherly heart by saving Grace! “Seeing Red” was a very good episode, entertaining and moving. It was interesting to see Barry in the same place of Cicada, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton deliver a very good performance just in time. The absence of Joe and Cisco was felt but we enjoyed the collaboration of Barry and Cecile while the dynamic between Caitlin and Ralph is still nice. While waiting to see the series again next week, discover the details of Barry’s absence, which will be the key element of the upcoming crossover between The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow.

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