The making of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

blank - The making of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

After a very good making-of dedicated to WandaVision, I couldn’t wait to do it again for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So, I really enjoyed myself with the myriad images of the shoot where we realize that we are on a production at the antipodes of the previous series of Marvel Studios.

Two friends on a walk

Indeed, if the series devoted to the Scarlet Witch and her sex robot was shot entirely in the studio, Falcon and the Winter Soldier send a dream by changing country. This is clearly the most interesting part of the making-of for me. Especially when I found out that they originally planned to shoot in Puerto Rico, but earthquakes forced them to revise their plans.

Rebelote with the pandemic which necessitated the interruption of filming in Prague. We therefore understand why the series to be released initially before WandaVision was postponed afterwards.

The second part that I liked very much is when they explain how they managed the two most impressive action scenes of the film: the opening one of the first episode and the one of the fight on the back of the truck. Ah yes, I forgot, still in the field of special effects, the anecdote on the costume of Captain america for Sam Wilson. The costume designers failed to make a wrinkle-free costume, forcing them to seek help from special effects specialists to hide them. It is frankly well done. Personally, I did not see the deception.

Why tell the story when you already know it?

For the rest, this making-of does something that I only slightly like. Tell a story. Of course, each speaker enriches the words by targeting what they wanted to express, but I find that a little pointless when we have already seen the series. Worse, it annoys me, a bit like the characters in the movie or the series that you watch telling what is happening on the screen. Thank you, we have eyes… Nevertheless, I really appreciated when they talk about the new characters by recalling their origins in the comics (that should enlighten the neophytes).

Ah yes, the director. She shocked me. The first time I saw her, I thought she was a secretary or the costume designer. I know it’s very cliché to say that, but she totally had the look of the function. Suddenly, discovering that it is the director… Also, obviously, the Mackie, Stan and Brühl trio had a good time on the set. So it doesn’t surprise me that the chemistry is so palpable on screen. Special mentions for Florence Kasumba who imposes it, even without the costume, and for the publicity made by Baron Zemo.

Through having finished turning the page and ready for Loki.

What do you think?

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