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blank - The making of Loki

Ah, the making-of of the Marvel Studios series for Disney +. They are now settling in as a tradition. Releasing a week after the last episode, it’s an opportunity to ease the blues and turn the page. It still makes me so kiff, because it reminds me of the days of DVDs when I watched the making-of after seeing the film just to suck the DVD to the core (we have to make the purchase profitable).

In short, the one of the day is dedicated to the series Loki and I believe that this is the best making-of of the three, a bit ahead of that of WandaVision. In any case, what is certain is that he has the best introduction. The latter looks back on Time and should clear up quite a bit of those who have been a little confused by the way Time is understood in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (a word that does not know Owen Wilson).

Thrilling from start to finish

Then it is the surge of anecdotes led by a Tom hiddleston in top form. The latter squarely reflects on his first steps as God of Mischief and how he joined the MCU. A fairly well-known story, but still as effective. Especially for the chills during the passage of the Comic Con. Anecdote, before the series, Loki had had less than two hours total of screen time in the MCU. Pretty funny considering how big it is.

In short, basically, the making-of is about how they created the series. Everything goes there (except post-production unfortunately still with absent subscribers) and it’s fucking exciting. We have anecdotes such as, for example, the fact that the B-15 Hunter has a “scrambled” counter on his helmet or that the portals used by the TVA were inspired by Dune by David Lynch. Another detail that I really liked, the costume of He Who Remains is made up of different elements from different periods. The cape is from the Victorian Era and the shoes are from Genghis Khan.

Otherwise, we are in the classic with the actors recounting their adventures in the Marvel Studios machine, from their arrival until the shooting. Without forgetting the special effects, the production of the sets and the realization (Kate herron is pleasant to listen to). Time is passing at the speed of light.

By wondering if we will be entitled to a making-of for Black Widow.

What do you think?

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