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These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU

Aquaman is a success at the box office, which does not prevent the film to have some inconsistencies!

When one embarks on a cinematographic universe as extensive as the DCEU or the MCU, one should not miss on the coherence temporal and screenwriting. To link each film between them, you need a lot of imagination and especially memory, just to remember that such a character appeared in such film or that he had such power at such a time. How many times did you not watch a movie before you said: But WTF, what did they do with the screenplay? We reassure you, we are not at this point with Aquaman, which although imperfect is rather interesting and is especially a box office box since its release on December 19 last. But it is not because he has a resounding success that he is not the victim of some internal and external inconsistencies in the DCEU!

Does Arthur Curry really discover Atlantis in Aquaman?

These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU
In Justice League, when Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis to seize the mother box, he easily gets rid of Mera (Amber Heard) and his guards. However, Arthur, feeling that his house is in danger, leaves the earth and crosses the ocean towards the kingdom of the sea. Here, he finds dead guards outside the relic hall and quickly commits himself a fight against Steppenwolf, without winning it. But one thing is clear, Aquaman knew how to get in and out of Atlantis. Then you will understand that we are puzzled by the idea that James Wan’s film, which takes place several months after the events of the invasion of Steppenwolf, depicts Arthur as a novice in Atlantis, who discovers him and does not know how to enter neither go out. When Mera makes him discover the kingdom, he marvels of the beautiful city, acting as if it were his first time. As they cross the seascape, she shows him the gateway to the realm – a bridge of energy similar to the Bifrost we saw in Thor. So either there is clearly a problem in the timeline between Aquaman and Justice League, or it is possible that the mother box was in the realm of Xebel, but as it is not explained, it leaves the viewer very confused!

Where did the Justice League air bubbles go?

When Arthur and Mera meet in Justice League, she forms a giant underwater bubble so they can talk quietly. No air bubbles in the movie Aquaman. What has happened in the meantime? Good question! Moreover, when Mera helps Aquaman escape, Orm screams “Mera!”, And bubbles escape from her mouth. This is the only time in the movie where we see bubbles being used when people are talking, and we do not know why it was added for this particular scene.

Arthur tends to change his mind about his mother
These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU
In Justice League, Aquaman told Mera in this famous air bubble: “Your queen left me on the threshold of my father’s house and never thought of me again.” A good reason to hate Atlantis, except that in his solo film, he is rather happy with his mother until she is killed because of Atlantis precisely and that is why he is furious. So, it’s hard to understand why he’s on the verge of insulting him when he talks to Mera? We also applaud Atlanta’s ability to hold her trident while she is unconscious in Tom’s arms! And one wonders, how does she recognize her son in the second when she saw him a baby for the last time? The maternal instinct all that, all that, but you must not push even in the nettles anyway, it would have taken at least two seconds.

The kiss of Aquaman and Mera

These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU
Well, no relation to the DCEU, but everyone dies around them and they decide to take the time to roll a huge slap in the middle of the battlefield? Logic.

The tattoos of Aquaman
These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU

One of the biggest mistakes in the Justice League is clearly the systematic change of Aquaman tattoos. As the tattoos are not real, they look different each time Aquaman appears on the screen. And they are clearly different from the solo movie too!

How can Steppenwolf so easily come in and steal the mother box?
These details of Aquaman have no meaning in the DCEU
Despite his pride, his military power and his claims to protect Atlantis from strangers, King Orm allows Steppenwolf to teleport into the ocean, to burst into the ward of his most revered artifact, and to leave without meeting a huge army or trigger an alarm? There is not a small problem of

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