We almost got a Doctor Strange cameo in the finale

blank - We almost got a Doctor Strange cameo in the finale

One of the mysteries unveiled

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the boss of Marvel Studios Kevin feige revealed that the Doctor Strange of Benedict Cumberbatch was supposed to appear in the last episode of the miniseries WandaVision broadcast on Disney +. An agreement had even been reached. It also explains why they cut it.

First of all, one of the mysteries of the series has been unveiled. Ads. More than a reminder of Wanda’s past, they were originally intended to prepare for the appearance of the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Universe. Indeed, they were messages sent to Wanda by the Doc as he tried to break his sitcom world. He should even have appeared in one of those commercials.

But then why cut the Doc?

Quite simply in an idea to focus on Wanda Maximoff:

Some people might say, “Oh, that would have been so cool to see Doctor Strange.” But that would have separated us from Wanda. We didn’t want the end of the series to be trivialized by bringing the next movie in with the white type of “Let me show you how your powers work.” “.

Kevin Feige – Rolling Stone (May 2021)

It defends itself. Already the final episode seemed a little rushed because of all the elements to complete (between Agatha Harkness, Ralph Bohner and the seeds for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Marvels). So if on top of that we added a Sorcerer Supreme cameo, no doubt that would have done too much. Especially since we finally left on a moving conclusion with the farewell to children with this heartbreaking reply “Children… Thank you for choosing me as a mom. “ and Vision.

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