What If …? – Episode 1 “What if … Captain Carter had become the first Avenger”

blank - What If ...? - Episode 1 "What if ... Captain Carter had become the first Avenger"

New curiosity out of Marvel studios, indeed, it is the first time that the studio chaired by Kevin feige tackles animation. For once, make What If…? (a classic of Marvel comics) is particularly suitable given the great difficulty that there would be to do it live. In short, let’s go for the criticism of the first episode of the series. What if … Captain Carter had become the first Avenger

The biggest complaint I have about this episode is the not very cool feeling of having been entitled to a best-of of the film. Captain America: First Avenger (2011), way Marvel Studios Legends, with Peggy carter in the place of Steve rogers. It is fun to make a lot of winks, to reverse the situations, but nothing particularly stands out. At least until that explosive end where Shuma-Gorath (?) come out of the portal to crush Red Skull. I hope that this observation will only be true for the first episode. I give the benefit of the doubt, because it is first to invite neophytes to put on their slippers before going even further into the delirium. For once, the concept is perfectly explained. Thanks Uatu 😛.

Otherwise, the technique?

Not having much else to say about the episode except that I found it Captain carter really classy (we feel that they did not want to use the name of Captain Britain so as not to confuse the general public, suddenly, he will soon land in the MCU?) and that I regretted that the character of Tommy lee jones (Chester Phillips) either died in the explosion. I loved him so much. Brothel, his replica “I don’t kiss. “. Ten years later, I still haven’t recovered. Anyway, like I said, I didn’t have much else to say so I’m going to tackle the technical / visual part.

First thing and point that I feared having been traumatized by previous Marvel attempts in the genre. The animation. I was reassured. Better, I loved it. It’s ultra fluid and punchy. The action scenes look really cool with classy choreography.

Second thing, the style based on cel-shading. It’s a style. We like it or not. For my part, I still have a little trouble with rounded shapes. For the rest, I appreciated that it was not a hide-and-seek. The sets are full. The camera spins. What I liked the most in this style are the facial expressions of the super hunky German arriving in “fragile Fräulein” mode when he gets screwed by Peggy.

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What do you think?

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