What If…? – Episode 3 “What if … the world has lost its mightiest heroes?” (with spoiler)

blank - What If…? - Episode 3 "What if ... the world has lost its mightiest heroes?" (with spoiler)

My favorite episode so far. It’s pretty awesome to see how well the series What If…? rises crescendo in quality. Already the previous one had already set the bar a little higher compared to the first, this one has raised it even further. However, at the beginning, nothing let me consider such a success with the duo Nick fury / Black widow to meetIron man in alcoholic mode (Iron man 2).

But first shock, and not just any. The death of Tony Stark before our eyes. WTF! And it doesn’t stop there, we continue with the first one Thor where Odin’s son tries to retrieve the hammer before being killed by … Hawkeye ! WTF 2! But what is this delirium? The massacre continues with the “suicide” of Clint Barton, the “explosive” death of Hulk (little trauma concerning me) and the murder of Black Widow. WTF power thousand. The whole time I was there wondering who the evil spirit was behind it. The villain is not a keke, that’s for sure.

Loki, is that you again?

At first I bet on Loki. Even when he lands on Midgard in mode “I want to avenge my brother”, I was there “Not mine, Loki, we don’t call you the god of mischief for nothing.” I say you’re bluffing, Martoni! “. Then Hope. What, was it Hope who killed them all? Even if it holds together, as Pym Particles are ideal for accomplishing such killings, she has never been stronger (and evil).

So when I discovered Hank Pym in the costume of Yellowjacket, I have rarely been so satisfied with the conclusion of a mystery. Everything fits perfectly. After the death of his wife, that of his daughter, it was enough for him to go wild. What also fits with the troubled past of the character of the comics. The real What if is therefore: “What if Hope had joined SHIELD?” “.

Among the other satisfactions of the episode, it is to see again the too ignored The Incredible Hulk, with the added bonus of Betty Ross. Not to mention, the famous Captain Marvel pager and the final making you want to see the sequel between Loki as absolute master of Midgard and the duo Captain america / Captain marvel. Also, I really liked the violent side of this episode. It’s pure What If…? comics. Still, it’s not every day that you see a Hulk explode into a thousand pieces. In short, strongly the zombies.

Through very, very pleasantly surprised.

What do you think?

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