What If…? – Episode 5 “What if … zombies invaded the Earth !?” (with spoiler)

blank - What If…? - Episode 5 "What if ... zombies invaded the Earth !?" (with spoiler)

The Marvel zombies. Their first appearance in the comics dates back, not to the series. Marvel zombies, but at Ultimate Fantastic Four, numbers 21 to 23 to be precise. In this run, the Ultimate Fantastic Four land on an alternate Earth where a virus has transformed its inhabitants into cannibalistic zombies. From this run, the legendary Robert kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible) has developed a series Marvel zombies. The rest is history.

In short, all that to say that seeing a film adaptation has since become a real fantasy for yours truly. Suddenly, the discovery of the zombie version of Captain America among the first images of the series What If…? having been presented delighted me to the highest point. I would have preferred a live adaptation, but I don’t think it’s doable and would settle for this one. And today, we are there.

What if … zombies invade Earth !?

Avengers: Zombie War

First surprise among the many that will follow. The episode begins after Bruce Banner is sent to Earth following Heimdall’s desperate gesture (see the opening ofAvengers: Infinity War). But things are already changing. Doctor Strange and Wong aren’t here to greet Bruce. The latter therefore balances a “Thanos is coming …” in the void. Or almost, because the cape is there.

But the events of the MCU return. We find Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian for “déjà vu” lines. Another bug in the Matrix with a Hulk refusing to show up just like the arrival of Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong.

Except that the purpose is not the same. The fight ends with these three eating the Children of Thanos. The passage of the Iron Man Zombie reveal is a highlight. We will note a blue colored skin. To pay homage to those of George romero ? Without a doubt. Another important note, we are moving away from the zombies of Marvel Zombies. Indeed, in the comics, these are still conscious. They’re just so hungry for human meat that they can’t control themselves.

The epidemic came from the Quantum Realm

In short, I’m already starting to enjoy it. Even more following the intervention of Hope (the ants that tear apart zombies, had to think about it) and Spider-Man. And it rises crescendo with the revelation of the origin of the epidemic. Janet Van Dyne. Ah, ah, I was expecting a meteor or some stupid thing like that. But they definitely went looking for him in the Quantum Realm. And bim, the epidemic of the dead: Hank, Scott, the Avengers …

Bam, another unsettling event, but as the Flying Circus would say: “And now something completely different…” with a Peter taking us out a hilarious guide to survival in a world of zombies. I love. So much in the spirit of the Jon Watts saga… and a bit of Zombieland. It is on this occasion that we discover the team to follow. We can say that its members are atypical. I really did not expect such a roster.

But very quickly, the horror resumes its march forward with the death of Happy from the hands, sorry from the mouth of Hawkeye. There is a really cool little horror atmosphere. Even a little gore with a Falcon cut in half Mortal Kombat followed by a magic punchline from Bucky: “I should be sad, but no. “. Oh the bastard. He demolished Falcon! You had to move your seat forward, my boy!

It’s not every day that we see Cap cut in two Mortal Kombat ways

I love the style mixing horror and humor and the rhythm, because it keeps moving forward. Captain America Zombie with Sharon’s death. Bucky cuts his old best friend in two. While Hope scatters Sharon like a puzzle. I was afraid that the gore side would be watered down, so I’m happy to see it there. After that, we’re not going to tell each other bullshit, it’s still soft. We are far from the level of comics. But at least there is.

We arrive in the middle of the episode for a moving passage punctuated by an unexpected mention. Uncle Ben’s! Finally mentioned in the MCU. My favorite moment follows. Hope’s sacrifice. The music gave me chills. I almost let out a tear. This is the first time that I was really moved by an episode of What If…?. It’s funny because I made the remark with the previous episode where I couldn’t be moved and as luck would have it, I follow the next episode.

“In my culture, death is not the end. “

We continue with the surprises by discovering Vision and his Spirit Stone seeming to keep the zombies at bay before getting to know a Scott Lang face! Tribute to Tim Burton’s classic, Mars Attacks! (1996)? Anyway, his puns made me laugh a lot. Then, finally… Black Panther, with the voice of Chadwick boseman (cool) and one leg less (less cool, on the other hand, even if it’s actually cool anyway).

But that’s nothing against… Baba Yaga. The Scarlet Witch zombie version stinks of class. What is she freaking out! I was disgusted that his fight with the Hulk was abandoned to follow the survivors. As I’m barely recovering from the roller coaster, this episode ends me with an epic vision. Thanos Zombie! And there you have it, for a nihilistic ending as I like them with What If…?.

What do you think?

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