What If…? – Episode 7 “What if … Thor had been an only child?” (with spoiler)

blank - What If…? - Episode 7 "What if ... Thor had been an only child?" (with spoiler)

What curiosity, the episode of the day. Starting from a rather funny premise that is easy to understand, the new What If…? surprised me with its atmosphere. His huge risk-taking is clearly going to make this the most divisive episode.

The MCU’s “flaw” taken to its climax

It’s pretty funny, even cheeky, what they did. One of the criticisms often coming from critics of the MCU is its inability to always be serious. This seventh episode lands as an ever-serious piece of the MCU from start to finish. The perfect antithesis of “What if… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?” “ (even if there was the Armani joke). Before continuing the review, I would like to point out this really cool side of What If…?, we have the right to everything. The episodes pass and none are alike. Exactly, what I expected from the formula.

Back to the question “What if… Thor had been an only child?” “. Without Loki to torture him, Thor would have become a spoiled only child. Already that, in the MCU, he was already a little, but suddenly, without his adopted brother, it would be worse. A thousand times worse. Still, he’s still got a good bottom, whereas I expected him to turn out to be a bad kid.

“Hey, Project X! “

To build this episode around this postulate, the screenwriter went back to the time of the first Thor (2011 – ten years already) where Odin’s son landed on Midgard. On the other hand, this time, he is not banished by his father. He has Mjolnir with him. In fact, he did like all teenagers, he just waited until his parents were unavailable to slip away and have the biggest party ever. As stated Nick fury before being sent to hospital by Korg: Project X (2012). By the way, special mention to Thor who answers him in mode Gatsby the magnificent DiCaprio version.

The most fun, and especially surprising, about this party is that the carefree side. No threat on the horizon. Everyone is having a blast. Surtur dredge Liberté. Howard marries Darcy (a remake ofHoward … a new breed of heroes (1986) on the horizon with Darcy instead of Beverly?). The characters of Thor: Ragnarok (except Hela, alas) come for a walk. Thor plays with the Skrulls. The love story between Jane and Odin’s son starts again, and in a very cute way.

But nothing beats the arrival of Loki in giant ice cream mode. Not only is the look really cool, he also shares a fun relationship with his brother from another mom. Rebelote with Captain marvel in Captain Rabat-Joy mode. I had a great time his fight against Thor. There was a funny cartoon side to it. I love it when the blows send them to another country (this map of the planet where the name of the country is inscribed made me laugh). In addition, the epic side is present even if, usual criticism of the series, we do not really feel the damage on the heroes. There, it passes, because there is a comic side pushed to the bottom.

Why this look so carefree?

Afterwards, I had a little trouble with the behavior of Captain Marvel and SHIELD. I really found them a bit abused. Anyway, Carol is ready to demolish Thor because he’s… partying? I almost expected the Joker to land in mode “Why so serious? “. In short, the character is quite painful. Fortunately, it works out at the end. As for Maria Hill … She’s downright ready to send nuclear warheads. Then everyone stops when the mom intervenes. It matches the cartoon tone, but a bit too much for my taste, because the credibility of the whole thing is going crazy. Suddenly, I did not manage to go completely into the delirium.

I would also have liked a musical passage like on the Hercules (1997) from Disney. I don’t know why, but this episode got me thinking about it a lot. It would have been the icing on the cake.

On the other hand, I loved the finale. In mode “For once an episode of What If…? ends well ”, then the guardian’s surprise face when Ultron arrives. This is what promises for next week’s episode.

Through looking forward to reading the reactions to this episode.

What do you think?

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