What If…? – Episode 8 “What if… Ultron won?” (with spoiler)

blank - What If…? - Episode 8 "What if… Ultron won?" (with spoiler)

We had stopped with a Guardian shocked by the arrival of a Vision with the six Infinity Stones (the fan that I am was marked by the fact that they worked in another universe). It was not difficult to guess that it was a Ultron having successfully recovered Vision’s body. In short, the tipping point of the film Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

Today’s episode begins strong in a post-apocalyptic future where only Black widow and Hawkeye appear to be survivors of Ultron’s ultimate attack. The effect is really cool. Above all, Clint Barton is classy between his metallic arm (the right, on the other hand, the left being the property of the Winter Soldier), his invisibility cloak and his bow skills. Still, the coolest thing is to experience the real Age of Ultron.

Ultron reigns

This episode really highlights the dangerousness of Tony Stark’s creation. If the second Avengers could disappoint, in the sense that its Era had never started, it still highlights one element: fortunately Ultron did not succeed in achieving its ends otherwise it would have been the Apocalypse . The truth. Glad to see that the general public will be able to discover how Ultron was is dangerous.

Moreover, the scene explaining the What If of today’s episode is particularly eloquent. Even a little too much for my taste. Yeah, that Fatality on Thanos is struggling to pass. If it was that easy, Vision could have gotten rid of the Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War. It is also a regret that I have with the series What If…?, Thanos loses too much of his aura. Personally, I would have preferred a fight between Ultron and Thanos rather than Captain Marvel, since she already had her fight in the previous episode. I console myself by telling myself that at least Thanos was cut as he would have liked. Perfectly balanced between left and right side.

” I will find you. “

What I also liked about What if… Ultron had won?, this is the important part of Uatu the Guardian. We are getting closer to the comics where he is the only Guardian to have intervened. The way Ultron searches for him in bogeyman mode causes that unexpected little creepy effect. While the fighting is fun. Special mention to the passage where each blow of Ultron changes reality (Captain America, president!). Even if, hell, they should mark the punches on the faces. Discovering immaculate faces at the end of incivility breaks my delirium.

But before the duel of the cosmic entities, there was a sacrifice. That of Vormir reversed. I loved the slow-motion shot of Hawkeye facing off against Ultron’s horde of soldiers. Epic. In short, strongly the outcome.

Through now vaccinated against the death of Tony Stark.

What do you think?

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