What If…? – Episode 9 “What if… The Guardian broke his oath?” (with spoiler)

blank - What If…? - Episode 9 "What if… The Guardian broke his oath?" (with spoiler)

Let’s go for the last episode of the season of What If…?. Be careful, you have to prepare well psychologically, because the next dose of Marvel will not come before November 3 with The Eternals (well, ok, there is Venom: Let There Be Carnage meanwhile but …) and, on Disney +, the 24th, with the series Hawkeye.

Is it good, are you psychologically prepared? Lets’ go !

“What if his name is Steve?” “

Last week, we saw Ultron win his fight against Guardian Uatu. Today, we start with a feeling of déjà vu. The introduction of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Except that it is with Captain carter. But no sooner have I started to wonder who could be Peggy’s Bucky when the Guardian arrives to enlist him.

The rest is a succession of recruitment scenes. I loved this passage because it has a very dynamic effect. Mostly, it’s usually my favorite thing about group films. In addition, it is here combined with the cool effect of having the endings of each episode. Only problem, Gamora, the survivor of Sakaar and destroyer of Thanos, appears without being entitled to her introduction. The explanation? Production delay due to covid. We will surely have it in season 2. It will be weird an episode of which we already know the end.

Regardless, we continue in the recruitments with my favorite little one from What If…?. the Thor only child and there is no lack of it, we find the humor of his episode with his way of breaking the effect of the Guardian’s speech by constantly interrupting him. He brings a lot of humor into the rest of the episode. Special mention to his improbable battle cry: “Viva Las Vegas! “.

“You have been chosen. “

I also really enjoyed seeing the Guardians of the Multiverse gathered in Peggy’s Memories bar. Like the movie Avengers (2012), we were treated to a presentation of each superhero. Result, there is a real pleasure to see them interact with each other.

This is not all, because we are here to crack the mouth ofUltra-Vision. Very quickly, we realize that the heavy point of the team is the Sorcerer Armani. His protection spell. Just wow. Another blow of heart occurs with the intervention of the zombies and the Baba Yaga (no Hulk zombie on the horizon on the other hand, sniff). For the rest, we are in a fight worthy of a shōnen with rays of energy and explosions everywhere punctuated by strong moments like Ultron growing up Ant-Man style or the Sorcerer Supreme swinging all his inner demons. Despite everything, it lacks intensity. The achievement never manages to breathe an epic breath into this titanic fight with the exception of the remake of the cult plan ofAvengers.

In my opinion, the biggest problem is that no one dies. Suddenly, I had the bad impression that the Guardians of the Multiverse were invincible, already that the fate of Doctor Strange seems to me incredibly cheated. Therefore, it mitigates the dangerousness of Ultra-Vision. I also struggle with the fact thatArnim zola easily manages to break Ultron (Jarvis

However, the twists and turns were cool like the inevitable betrayal of Killmonger. It’s also nice to have the affair with the episode where Pym killed the Avengers and the mid-credits scene teasing Steve’s return.

Season review

At the end of the day, what do I take away from this season of What If…? – for those who are not in the know, a second season is already on the rails. Inevitably, because of the “independent” episodes, the quality fluctuates. Nevertheless, each episode brings enough to be appreciable. Personally, there isn’t one episode that I hated or even didn’t like.

On the other hand, I have a lot of trouble with the scale of powers. I always have the impression that it fluctuates. Suddenly, I have a little apprehension to consider this series as canon. In short, I don’t consider it an essential step in the MCU. Nonetheless, she’s likeable enough to deserve viewing. I also have no doubt that, due to its short format, I would relaunch an episode every now and then for fun.

Through preparing for MCU weaning.

What do you think?

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