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X-Men – Dark Phoenix: 5 Things to Know About the Movie


If the actress has already discovered and explored the character in X-Men: Apocalypse, the director has worked with her for many months insisting that this time, Jean’s spirit goes into a spin and that his psyche is completely different. After his journey in space, Jean gradually loses his reason, becomes schizophrenic and does not recognize anymore, to the point of doing harm to those she loves, something she dreads since the discovery of her powers. The actress is one of the few characters to be really tormented and traumatized. She is very realistic and what she experiences evokes mental illnesses, it is not so far removed from reality and the viewer can recognize herself in her career. The director explains that a long process of research was set up in him and the actress, in order to get as close as possible to the understanding of the character of the comics: “By doing some research, I found a lot of videos on YouTube and other studies on schizophrenia and personality disorders that I passed on to her to think about all this from an intellectual point of view before the emotion comes in. She studied everything and came back to me almost immediately with a lot of questions and ideas. “

Yes, now that 20th Century Fox studios have been bought by the Disney giant, we will have to say goodbye to the character as we discovered in the first X-Men and rediscovered since X-Men: The Beginning. This episode represents the apotheosis of 12 films (including the Wolverine and Deadpool franchises), all connected to each other and spread over 18 years. For this last part, the film crew gave everything during 6 months of shooting to offer the fans a perfect conclusion to this story. Because according to the rumors that persist, Marvel Studios would not intend to resume the saga where X-Men Dark Phoenix will leave it, but to operate a complete reboot of the plot. This in order to integrate all the characters in the MCU, in phase 4 or 5, before or after the Fantastic 4. So this is your last chance to see Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence or James McAvoy on screen in their iconic role. If it is possible that the younger generation led by Sophie Turner is engaged for the rest of the adventure, the scenarios will change completely.


More than any other part, X-Men Dark Phoenix will look at the psychology of characters and the treatment of their emotions, raw and unretouched. You can already prepare yourself to shed your little tear, because not only will the film see one of the main characters being killed, but on top of that, the guilt that will flow from this event will absolutely mess up all the X-Men. They will turn against each other instead of joining together to deal with this tragedy. Kinberg Simon, the director, confided in an interview for Entertainment Weekly on this very emotional side of the film: “The story feels like the climax of all X-Men movies, and it seemed appropriate to kill at least one of the main characters. You have these huge space sequences and these trains flying through the sky and these people shooting lightning flashes, but you also have a lot of emotion, dramatic scenes of four pages of dialogue. “Between action and emotion, you do not go do not be bored for a second while going to see X-Men Dark Phoenix!


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