John Wick 3: Halle Berry wounded during filming?

Halle Berry tried to keep pace with Keanu Reeves and it ended in gross injury!

There are some action movies where the stunts may seem easy, while a whole job is set up on the trays to get this fluid result. And if most of the time the actors call professional stuntmen, some take their role very seriously. That was the case of actress Halle Berry on the set of the third installment of John Wick, on which she joined Keanu Reeves. While they are supposed to be enemies, Sofia and John will end up supporting each other in the Killer’s battle to the death with all the other headhunters on the planet. But if Keanu Reeves is now a regular in dangerous stunts and martial arts training, it was not quite the case for Halle Berry, who tried to put himself at his level to honor his character. But the experience did not necessarily start well for the actress.


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