Legacies season 2 Episode 3

Legacies season 2: Episode 3, Hope saves Landon and sploiler

Last night, Episode 3 of Legacies Season 2 aired on the CW. This is the moment to discover our verdict of “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know”.


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The students at Salvatore School are not out of their difficulties … just like Alaric and Hope! If the duo teamed up in episode 2 of season 2 of Legacies, they showed us again that their union was strength. What happened yesterday ? Melty’s editorial invites you to discover his verdict of episode 3 of season 2 of Legacies. Josie Saltzman follows a dark path. The teenager continued to exploit her abilities during “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know” and it was terrible. Professor Vardemus pushes the limits of magic with her, and if the blood on her nose is an indication, then this powerful magic will do damage over time.

A character so mysterious!

Legacies season 2 Episode 3

This episode 3 of season 2 of Legacies was also marked by the football game between Salvatore School and Mystic Falls High School! In other words, it looked nothing like the first season. Vardemus was focused on students using their abilities to win the game. Plus, his way of belittling Alaric both as a director and that father was cruel! Alaric could have said so much, but it was natural for him to use his fists to speak. It must have been hard for Alaric to go back to the school he helped build, but it’s hard to believe that he did not talk to Caroline directly. The truth is that Alaric and Caroline created the school. Even if Alaric does not work anymore, it’s a little ridiculous not to have a say in the daily management of the establishment …

Will Alaric find love?

For now, we know that Vardemus is not just a wizard. It’s another thing to see how he threw himself on the monster of the week and devoured him … Anyway, he’ll continue to manipulate Josie because it’s the one that’s easy to manipulate. She was one of the best characters in Season 1 of Legacies, and focusing on the darker aspects of her personality is definitely a breath of fresh air for the series. Josie’s actions in this episode 3 of Legacies Season 2 could have ended in disaster. She put Ethan in danger, and that’s just not acceptable … However, Landon does not seem to care. His meeting with Hope seemed closer to Josie while the daughter of Klaus still saved her life just like that of Rafael …

Who is Sebastian?

The fact that Landon does not try to get to know Hope because he feels he does not trust her was a pretty frustrating situation that can not be avoided in the circumstances. In any case, it is certain that Rafael will want to know more about this mysterious girl. For his part, Lizzie is becoming one of the best characters in Legacies, but what about Sebastian? He claims to be a vampire and even has the face to remove him, but how is he invisible? MG who watched Lizzie pretend to kiss Sebastian was comical, but many questions burn our lips after this scene! In any case, the arrival of Mac, the replacement of Sheriff Matt is a good thing. His alchemy with Alaric is undeniable and we hope that this character will finally have the right to blow and taste happiness. While waiting for a new episode, discover if Josie will become evil in this season 2 of Legacies.





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