Legacies season 2: What future for Hope after the Season Premiere twist?

Season 2 of Legacies has made a comeback on the CW and the future of Hope seems more uncertain … What will happen to him in the future? Julie Plec made some confidences!


The season premiere of Legacies Season 2 left viewers in a strange new world where Hope Mikaelson simply does not exist. Even though the young woman managed to get out of Malivore and leave Clarke inside, her return to Mystic Falls was heartbreaking. She had to deal with a new monster and she saw her boyfriend Landon kiss Josie … What does the future hold for him? Will his relatives remember her? Will she decide to run away? Julie Plec told TVLine about Season 2 of Legacies. If Clarke was sincere in saying that he did not want to be a bad person, Hope drew the wrath of Landon’s brother and he could become his worst enemy …


Moreover, as we already know Freya (Riley Voelkel) will land in season 2 of Legacies for our greatest happiness. Julie Plec teasered her return to Hope’s life: “For poor Hope, who has now been forgotten by all who loved her, having access to a family member at this crucial time would be a very good thing.” . The showrunneuse also gave some details about Hope’s future: “The first decision she must make is: Do people have to remember her, or should she just escape, continue her life? and let everyone live what they believe to be their happiness, that’s what she’s struggling with in the first episodes, and she thinks that if people seem happier without her, maybe that’s her problem and maybe they are better off if they are not there at all. ” It must be recognized that she would not be a Mikaelson without thinking that she is a burden for everyone …

A new life for Hope!

Legacies season 2:

Will the burgeoning romance between Landon and Josie last? Does the fact that the two are attracted to Hope, while she is out of the picture, brought them together? Julie Plec replied: “Yes, but they are also two people who have lived their lives for others for a very long time, Landon has never had anyone to look after him, so he always felt the need to take care of Rafael and to protect him, and Josie is a protector of all, and they both stayed in school for the summer, which is another story of soul stranded on a deserted island. most unlikely people. ” The emotion will be at the rendezvous in the next episodes. Moreover, in episode 2 of season 2 of Legacies, Hope will start a new life that will upset …






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