Avengers vs X-Men including Wolverine

Marvel Studios: Avengers vs X-Men including Wolverine

The ultimate dream to see the X-Men face the Avengers!

Who did not dream one day to see where would lead a battle between mutants and Avengers … Well now that Marvel Studios has recovered the rights of X-Men and Fantastic 4, it is in the realm of possibility! According to We Got This Covered, a film inspired by the arc La Maison de M comics, gathering all this small world and putting them in the competition would already be developing in the House of Ideas. But you will not hear about it right away since Kevin Feige is first planning to introduce the X-Men in Phase 5, then formally forming the new Avengers team that will likely include Black Panther, Spider-Man, Blade, Shang-Chi, Jane Foster, Scarlet Witch and some members of the Eternals why not…

So if a film featuring the Avengers against the X-Men does see the light of day, it will not be until the 6th MCU, so you can count a good half-decade before it happens. But the most is that Wolverine would also be part of the adventure! A solid member of the Avengers in many comics, his participation would clearly not fall like a hair on the soup. But as Hugh Jackman says he does not want to play Logan anymore, maybe Keanu Reeves or Taron Egerton could take his place and integrate the MCU for a few long years? Who knows, everything seems possible with Marvel!






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